Yes, you can screw down composite decking. There are two types of synthesized decking being sold in the market.

One way in which you can install a composite deck to the frame is by using screws. Screwing down composite decks with screws has been a method of installing plastic-wood decking ever since.

When you want to install your composite deck, you should purchase a screw that is specially designed for composite decks.

This is necessary because composite decking screws are made to give you a good finish and help to increase the durability of your deck.

Aside from screws, there are other methods of fixing your composite decks. You will learn how to screw down composite decking when you read this article.

Type of Composite Deck Screw 

Composite decking is not like the wood decking that can be installed with any screw. This is because composite decks are stronger than wood decks and require a screw that is designed for it.

Can You Screw Down Composite Decking?

There are several screw types that are made of high-quality steel obtainable in the market. These screws are sold by CompositeWarehouse.

CarpenterMate Screw

The CarpenterMate screw is one of those screws. One good thing about these CarpenterMate screws is that they are resistant to corrosion.

When you install a screw, the screw will be driven down the material that you installed it in leaving the head exposed to the surface. 

If the screw is not a high-quality screw like the Carpenter mate screw, the head will rust and give your composite deck a bad look. 

The CarpenterMate screw top will not rust and will last long. Also, the screws are made with thick steel to increase its screwing performance. 

TrapEase II Composite Decks Screw

Aside from the CarpenterMate Screw, there is the TrapEase II Composite Deck Screws.

These screws are designed with various colors so that they will match the various composite decks available. This feature of the TrapEase II composite deck screw solves the problem of inconsistency.

 Most composite decks owners don’t like using screws because the head of the screw will show a different color from that of their composite deck.

With the TrapEase II,  your composite deck will have a smooth finish. You can get red, grey, light, and dark brown TrapEase in the market.

FastenMaster Screw

Another screw that is good for composite decking is the FastenMaster screw. This screw is perfect if you want to utilize it for any type of composite decks.

Also, it can withstand all types of weather because its head has an anti-corrosion coating. 

This coating enables the screw to last for a long time. After you have selected the kind of screw that is right or your composite deck, you can start thinking of how to install your composite deck.

How to Install Composite Decking With Screw

Step One – Find a Space for Your Composite Decking

The first thing to do when you want to install your composite deck is to find a space that is right for it. After you have found the space, you can then proceed to fix the frame.

Step Two – Build Your Composite Decking Frame

The frame is the structure where you will lay the composite deck. You must make sure that your composite deck frame is strong, and it should be able to withstand heavyweight.

Composite decking needs more frame than a wood decking, so you must put enough frame so that it will withstand pressure. 

Step Three – Lay the Composite Decking

After you have set your composite decking, you can proceed to screw the deck. This can be perpetrated effortlessly with the assistance of a drilling machine.

The head of the composite decking screw has a space on it that you can put the tip of a drilling machine. 

You don’t have to drill your composite decking first before you drive in your screw. What you have to do is scan for an adequate location where you can drive the screw.

That location should be a spot that will enable your composite decking to stay firmly on the structure. 

Then, you can turn the drilling tool on and put the tip in the screw head. The drilling machine will push the screw into your composite deck.

You can repeat the method until you have completed fastening the deck.


One way to install a composite decking is by using screws to hold it in place. Screws offers a better way of installing your composite decking because they come in different colors that match the colour of your composite decking.