The simple answer to your enquiries is yes. You can stain your composite decking boards. The process of staining a composite decking is similar to painting your decking.

 If you love to paint and you want to know how to paint your composite decking, you should read this article Can I Paint My Composite Decking? What is the disparity between stain and paint?

 Folks have long asked that question and have been confused because they don’t know which to apply on their composite decking. For starters, the stain does the same job as paint. It restores the surface of composite decking. 

Note that composite decking is a durable material that has an improved look. Composite decking is not designed to be painted or stained because the colour of the decking will last for a long time. Even during this long period, it will only lose a small amount of colour.

 It is unlike wood decking or wood material that loses a lot of colours. But your composite decking might get damaged as a result of scratch or stain.

 Stain, in this context, means dirt, it is not the same as staining a decking. So, when this happens, you might have no choice but to stain your composite decking to restore the surface. 

Now to the issue of painting and staining. Both stain and paint are good for your composite decking. The disparity between stain and paint is that stain is thinner than paint. 

When you apply a stain to composite decking, it soaks into the dealing surface. The paint will sit on top of the surface without soaking into it.

Also, the stain is cheaper than paint. So, if you want to stain your composite decking keep reading this write-up.

How to Stain Your Composite Decking

Staining a composite decking follows the same process as painting.

Step One – Remove Plant and Other Items

What you should do is to remove any plant or item that you place on your composite decking. If the plants are planted close to your decking, you can cover it with a cloth or something that will make sure the stain doesn’t get to it. 

Also, if you put tables and chairs on your composite decking, now is the best time to remove them so that you will get a plain surface.

Step Two – Clean the Surface

The cleaning you will give your composite decking depends on what you want to remove. If it is mould or mildew that you want to remove, then you need soapy water and a soft brush. 

You should scrub your composite decking gently until you remove the mould and mildew. If you are dealing with dirt, you will need a broom to sweep the top. Also, you can power wash it to remove the dirt. 

stain outdoor decking

You cannot remove scratches from the surface of a composite decking without staining it. So, if you are dealing with scratch, wipe the scratch and get ready to stain the area.

If you want to remove oil or grease stains, then you should use soapy water and a soft brush. Scrub until you have removed the grease stain. 

If the stain is difficult to remove, you should purchase a decking cleaner to do the job for you. You should make sure you follow the instructions so that you will achieve the best result.

 After, you should rinse your composite decking with a power washer. Make sure you don’t bring the power washer too close to the decking surface.

Step Three – Apply the Stain

You should purchase a good stain from a known maker. A good stain is one that can resist the UV rays of the sun. It is important if your composite decking is installed outdoors. 

Your composite decking will come in direct contact with the rays of the sun. So, a good stain will last long and protect your composite decking surface. 

Pour the stain into a bucket and use a roller to apply it on your composite decking. You should apply the stain along the grain and roll the roller along the length of your composite decking. 

Stain all the composite decking boards like that until you there is none left. Then it would help if you left it to dry. When it is dry, you can arrange your table and chairs on the decking.


You can stain your composite decking boards if the surface is badly scratched or the colour fades. Staining will help restore the surface of your decking.

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