Composite decking is arguably the best outdoor flooring material homeowners can use to floor their gardens. But selecting the right composite boards for your project can be difficult if you are new to decking installation. Why does choosing the right composite decking options matter? This write-up about plastic wood decking will answer that question.

Design Your Garden with Composite Decking the Right Way

Designing your garden by installing beautiful composite boards is the only way you can create a modern garden. How you design your garden will affect the kind of composite decking that you choose. Do you want composite decking with seamless surface texture? Or, do you want plastic wood decking around your pool? Most modern gardens have several features that your garden must have. A pool in your garden surrounded by composite decking is one thing you can put in your yard. Planting flowers that have similar colours to your decking is another way you can create a modern garden. Your garden design affects the type of plastic wood decking that you choose. 

Various Composite Decking Options

There are numerous varieties of composite decking you can find in the market. You can get grooved and ungrooved composite boards. Also, you can get capped and uncapped composite boards. You can also filter your composite decking option by colour. There is grey composite decking; oak, anthracite grey, brown, and silver are other composite decking colours. The plastic wood decking design also matters and determines the kind of boards you will purchase.  

Capped and Uncapped Composite Decking

Capped composite decking is good for the waterside, while uncapped composite wood decking is good for a balcony. If you plan to add a pool to your garden and surround the pool with composite decking, you should go for capped composite boards. The good side about capped composite wood decking is that it has plastic wrapped around the board that stops water or moisture from infiltrating the board. That is why poolside decking must be capped with plastic. 

So if you are pondering on adding decking to your garden pool, capped boards should be the right option. What about uncapped composite? Although composite decking is generally resistant to moisture, uncapped decking will not offer the protection that capped decking offers. This means that when you install uncapped decking, constant exposure to moisture can damage it. So, the best place to use uncapped boards is on the balcony of your home or in any place that is covered by the roof of your home. So, you can discern how the location of your decking in your garden can affect your composite decking option. 

Black Grooved decking options

Grooved and Ungrooved Composite Decking

Do you desire a seamless composite decking surface? Then grooved composite boards should be your decking option. Grooved boards have channels or hollows at their sides. That is, the left and right sides of a groove composite wood board are caved in. Decking installers can use clips and fasteners to hold down the composite decking during installation. Using this method of installation will create a beautiful surface for your decking. The danger of walking into unplug nails on the surface of your composite decking doesn’t exist when you use grooved boards.

Also, you will not see the clips because they will be concealed at the sides of your decking. Ungrooved composite wood decking is the opposite of groove. To install your grooved composite boards, you don’t need clips and fasteners. Instead, you use screws to install ungrooved decking. The disadvantage of ungrooved boards is that the edges of the screw will appear on the top of your decking. Most homeowners don’t care about a flawless decking design; ungrooved boards should be your decking option if you don’t.  

What Colour Do You Prefer?

The colour of your composite wood decking plays a role in making a modern garden. Do you dwell in a constantly hot place? Then light-coloured composite boards should be your decking option. Light coloured boards are good at reflecting heat from the decking surface. If you install light-coloured decking, enjoying your outdoor activities on it will be possible on a hot day. What about decking in a cold place? Then dark-coloured composite boards should be your decking option. If you desire the appearance of wood, then you can install wood grain decking.


There are few things you must consider when choosing the right composite decking options for your garden. You consider your decking design and select any plastic wood decking option that you prefer.

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