Composite decking has many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of composite decking are durability, low maintenance, high strength to weight ratio, and high aesthetic value.

Composite decking is also known as wood-plastic decking. This decking material is made from wood fibre and plastic. The finished wood-plastic board is then cut and sold as wood-plastic boards.

Wood-plastic boards were developed to replace wood decking. The reason will be considered when you examine the advantages and disadvantages of composite decking.

Advantages of Wood-Plastic Decking

Wood-Plastic Decking Is Aesthetically Appealing

One advantage of composite decking is that the boards are beautiful. First, the composite boards are finished in different colours. 

You can choose from a wide range of colours when you want to purchase composite decking boards. There are grey, brown, red, oak, dark-oak, dark-brown, and dark-grey composite decking boards. 

These composite boards can be customised to fit any environment you want to install them in.

outdoor decking advantages and disadvantages

If you want a brown theme, for example, you can install a brown composite decking along with the brown composite fence.

Another thing about composite decking is that they look like wood. Wood-Plastic decking has a wood grain texture that makes it look like wood. 

This feature of wood-plastic decking makes it possible for homeowners that love wood to purchase it. 

Composite Decking Is Durable

Another advantage of composite decking is that the boards are durable. Plastic-wood boards are durable because of their strength. They have a high strength to weight ratio. 

This implies that composite decking boards are lightweight and strong at the same time. Also, wood-plastic decking can tolerate the weight of people standing on it. 

It implies that you can hold a party on your decking. Another reason composite decking is durable is that it is resistant to insect attack.

Insects like termites cannot destroy composite boards like they will destroy wood decking.

Also, composite decking is resistant to the UV rays of the sun. This infers that the boards will not fade when exposed to sunlight. The colour is timeless and attractive.

Composite Decking Requires Low Maintenance 

Maintenance is one reason composite boards were developed to replace wood decking. Wood decking needs time-consuming and laborious maintenance.

You have to oil, seal, sand, stain or paint your wood decking to make it last longer. Note that wood decking has to be maintained annually, else it will not last.

Also, you have to expend cash to purchase what you need to maintain your wood decking. Aside from that, you will waste time cleaning the decking.

Composite decking does not require sanding, oiling, sealing, staining or painting. What plastic-wood decking requires is sweeping. You should sweep your decking regularly.

Again, if there is a grease stain on your decking, you can scrub it with a soft brush. That is all your composite decking needs. Wood-plastic decking is so good that it will not absorb oil or grease.

The surface is capped with an extra layer of plastic that makes it impenetrable. This stops moisture and stain from entering the boards. So, any stain on composite decking is not permanent.

Wood decking will absorb oil or stain because the surface is penetrable. Wood does not have an extra layer of plastic that protects the surface. 

Wood-Plastic Decking Is Resistant 

Composite decking is resistant to weather elements. This infers that the UV rays of the sun cannot fade the colour of the boards. Also, water cannot infiltrate composite decking.

This makes it feasible to install composite in a location close to a pool. Aside from that, wood-plastic decking will not break or warp when exposed to fluctuations in temperature. 

Wood decking will break when exposed to fluctuations in temperature.

Wood-Decking Adds Value to Your Home

Aside from the beauty composite decking adds to your home, it increases the value. Building a composite decking will make your home piece appreciate over time.

This will benefit you when you wish to sell the house.

Disadvantages of Composite Decking

One disadvantage of composite decking is that it is expensive to build. When you compare wood-plastic decking boards price with wood, you will realise that it is not cost-effective.

This disadvantage of composite decking can be a set back for homeowners who are on a tight budget.


Composite decking advantages are durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic value. The disadvantages of composite decking are that it is expensive to build and it is not cost effective.

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