The simple response to that question is that composite decking is an outdoor flooring material. But composite decking is more than just an outdoor flooring material. If you have been to homes in the UK, you will notice that most owners install composite decking. This is because composite decking has great endurance. It will continue to stay durable despite elements of weather attack. Also, it is by far easy to maintain than timber decking. So, composite decking board – what is it?

Tip: Homeowners are increasingly using composite decking instead of timber decking. In fact, it is one of the commonly used building materials for outdoor decking. Homeowners have often confused composite decking with plastic decking, but they are not the same. We will look at composite decking from the method of production to the benefits.

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a composite material. That composite decking is a composite why it will last longer than other decking types. But what are composites, and why are they made? Composites are synthetic materials made by combining two materials with different properties. The different materials are called constituents. The various constituents used to make composite materials are mix and at times heated until they form a single material that has the property of both constituents.

 Composite decking is one such material. The constituents in composite decking are wood dust and recycled plastic. Wood has strength and good support, but it is not moisture resistant; that is why lumber will get destroyed easily. Plastic doesn’t have the strength of timber, but it has a good water-resistant property. Combining wood and plastic will yield a material that is strong and can provide good support, and that is water-resistant. Those are the properties of composite decking. And why using composite decking to build your outdoor flooring is worth it.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Now that we understand what composite decking is, we can examine its benefits to know why homeowners are increasingly installing it.

Composite Decking Will Resist the Elements

One benefit or advantage of composite decking is that it will resist the elements. The elements are heat, moisture present in dew, and changing temperature. They might seem irrelevant to decking, but when you install it outdoor, they are extremely relevant. Moisture will easily penetrate timber decking and enter the core of the board. But it won’t penetrate composite decking. This is because wood-plastic composite has a plastic finish or covering that encapsulates the surface and protects it from water. 

That is why wood-plastic composite will not swell, rot, splinter, or crack when you install it. Changing temperature is another thing that affects wood decking. But composite decking will remain unaffected when the temperature fluctuates. This is because wood-plastic composite will expand and contract provided that you leave a 5 mm space between the decking boards. This prevents sagging and warping in composite decking.

Composite Decking Is Easy to Maintain

The way you maintain wood-plastic decking is easier than timber decking. Note that maintenance is crucial to the survival of your wood-plastic decking. If you don’t maintain the decking, it will not last long. While maintenance is easier for some decking type, it is difficult for others. Composite decking only requires cleaning with a broom to remove dust and dirt. If you discover mould on your decking, you can use soapy water and a brush to scrub the top. Removing stains like the oil spill from the surface of your wood-plastic decking is not difficult. Just scrub with a brush after you have poured soapy water on the spot. This way, you will clean your wood-plastic decking quickly in no time. Homeowners that install wood-plastic decking don’t have to sand it in preparation for painting. Also, they don’t have to paint their wood-plastic decking to make it attractive. 

Composite Decking Is Visually Appealing

what is composite decking board

Another benefit of wood-plastic decking is that it is visually appealing. Installing composite decking outdoors will add to the beauty of your garden. Not only that, with wood-plastic composite decking, you can create a consistent theme with other wood-plastic composite materials. The colour of wood-plastic composite will not fade like that of timber. If you use your wood-plastic composite for 20 years, it will lose only a little to adjust to the environment. That is why wood-plastic composite doesn’t need painting or staining. 


Composite decking board – what is it? Composite decking is a composite material that is good for outdoor decking. That is why composite decking is durable, easy to maintain, and is visually appealing.

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