Adding composite decking to your backyard can add beauty and creativity to your property. Also, decking is the best setting for a play area for your kids. You can use your composite decking for cook outs, parties, celebrations and evening relaxation. Garden owners use their plastic wood decking for anything they can do in their garden. But how do you design your wood-plastic composite decking to be safe for kids? You can add lights on your decking so that your kids will not fall off when walking at night. Aside from that, adding decking rails will go a long way to make your elevated decking safe for kids. This write-up explains various composite decking design ideas for kids. 

Composite Decking Design Ideas Tips

Garden owners that have kids know how playful they are during the summer days. Yes, kids need lots of play to develop and grow. That is why garden owners should make their composite decking safe for their kids. One way homeowners can do that is by incorporating it in their wood-plastic decking design. This means that when designing your composite decking, you should think of safety. 

Some composite decking design ideas are: 

  • Add lighting to the deck,
  • Add rails to your composite decking,
  • Install a shade to your decking,
  • Install smokeless firepits,
  • Keep outdoor game on the decking. 

So, with the right wood-plastic decking design ideas, you can make your deck safe for your kids. Let’s consider the plastic wood decking design ideas one after the other. 

Add Lighting to Composite Decking

Your composite decking is always visible during the day. When you walk on your plastic wood decking in daylight, the risk of falling is reduced. The same goes for your kids when they play on your wood-plastic decking. Kids play a lot, and they extend their play to the dark hours of the night. If your plastic wood decking is not properly lit, they can fall off it or stumble when they walk on it. So, when designing your composite decking, you should consider your kids and their safety. Fix a light on various spots on your plastic wood decking so that you and your kids won’t stumble when you walk on it at night. While adding a light on your plastic wood decking is the best safety measure any garden owner can take, the light will also make your deck attractive. You can fix light along your composite decking rails or hang the light from the roof of your pergola or a shade. 

Add Rails to Your Composite Decking

decking design ideas for kids

Installing a decking without rails will leave the sides exposed and unsafe when you walk on it. This is true if your composite decking is elevated. Elevated decking is a deck that is raised from the ground and need a step to access it. The other kind of deck is flush decking. This kind of decking is close to the ground and does not need a step. That elevated decking is some feet above the ground makes it likely for garden owners or their kids to fall off when they walk on it at night. The rails will provide support when you walk on the decking. 

Add Shade to Your Decking

A shade on your decking will protect your kids from the scorching sun when they play on it. You can add an umbrella to your deck so that your kids can play on it when the sun is hot. Aside from that, you can build a pergola on your plastic wood decking to protect your kids from the sun. Sun sails and outdoor curtains are other kinds of shade that you can add to a plastic wood decking.

Install Smokeless Pits on the Decking

Another composite decking design idea for your kids is to add smokeless firepits. With a barbecue grill, you and your kids can enjoy the evening while preparing your barbecue. 

Keep Outdoor Game on the Decking

Another plastic wood decking design idea for kids is adding outdoor games on the deck. There are various outdoor games homeowners can add. You can add giant chess, mini golf and art stations on your plastic wood decking to increase the fun activities on the deck. 


The various composite decking design ideas for kids are: add light to your plastic wood decking, install rails on your decking, add a shade to your deck, build smokeless firepits on your decking and keep outdoor games on the decking. These designs will enable your kids to have a fun filled time when they walk or play on your decking. 

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