Building composite decking in your garden will make it attractive. Homeowners have tried this outdoor flooring solution and have reaped positive benefits. Another thing homeowners have built-in their garden is a patio. While some homeowners will build either composite decking or a patio, combining both in your garden will create a beautiful outdoor space in your yard. This design type can be summed up as composite decking design ideas with a patio. There are several wood-plastic decking designs and patio designs available. You can combine both composite decking and patio in your garden.

Multi-level Composite Decking and Patio Design

One composite decking design idea with a patio is building a multi-level decking and patio. The best way to build a multi-level patio and decking is by installing them side by side. This design is possible if you have a garden with different ground-level. On the high part of your garden, you can install one part of your decking and install another part of your decking on the lower part of your garden. 

Then you can install your patio close to your composite decking following the same pattern. Composite decking is made of synthetic composite boards, which are attractive. You can build your patio with concrete slabs or use pavers. Some homeowners have used large rocks to style their garden by lining them at the edges of their patio. Combining a composite decking and patio lined with rock will make your yard a beautiful outdoor space. 

Add a Water Feature to Your Patio and Decking

Since composite decking is water-resistant, adding water features to it will not make it less durable. The patio can also withstand water like composite decking, making it possible for you to add a water feature in your garden. If your backyard is small, you can add a little pond by your composite decking and patio. You can relax on your decking and patio while observing aquatic life in your pond. If your garden is a little large, you can build a backyard waterfall with a stream running across your garden. The combined beauty of composite decking, waterfall and stream, and patio will create a beautiful scene in your garden.

decking design ideas with a patio

Poolside Decking and Patio

Another composite decking design idea with a patio is building a pool close to your decking and patio. Homeowners with a large garden can easily add a large pool to their garden. You can design the edge of your pool with composite decking. Remember that plastic wood decking is water-resistant, so it will not get damaged easily. On the other side of your pool, you can also install a patio. You can use concrete slabs or pavers for your patio.

Add a Pergola to Your Composite Decking and Patio

Adding a pergola to your composite decking and patio is another way you can make your garden beautiful. A pergola allows you to relax under your composite decking, protected from the sun. After building your plastic wood decking in your backyard and installing a patio close to it, a pergola will go well with the decking. Most pergolas don’t have a covered roof. 

You can cover your pergola top with a cloth or any other material when the sun is high. To further make your pergola attractive, you can paint the pergola frames so that they match the colour of your wood-plastic decking. You can use your composite decking and patio close to your pool and add a pergola to it for relaxation. Or, you can build your composite wood decking in the centre of your garden, with your pergola serving as protection. 

Add a Kitchen to Your Composite Decking and Patio

A kitchen in your backyard makes it possible for you and your buddies to have an outdoor party on your composite decking. You can install or assemble a small size kitchen on your composite decking. And if you have installed a pergola already, you can put the kitchen under your pergola.

Patio and Composite Decking with Modern Design

Thinking of building a modern garden in your home? You can build a patio and a composite decking with a modern landscaping design. This garden design is possible if you have a well-landscaped yard. Pavers patio is the best for this task and, when combined with composite decking and smooth grasses, will create a beautiful garden.


There are several composite decking design ideas with a patio you can explore as a garden owner. You can build a decking and patio side by side. And, you can add a pool close to your composite decking. 

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