Summer is one of the seasons you will enjoy your composite decking. With a beautiful wood-plastic composite decking in your garden, you will have the chance to relax and watch the outdoors. Also, with your plastic wood decking, you can recreate your home interior outside. But for you to achieve a beautiful decking, you must give it a beautiful design. There are several composite dealing design ideas that you can apply to your decking. Homeowners have built curved decking, detached decking or multi-level decking in their home. These composite decking design ideas capture our attention. They bring the indoors outdoor, multi-level decking, ground-level decking, multiple decking colours, and detached decking.

Bringing the Indoor Outdoor

One reason homeowners build composite decking in their home is to create a beautiful indoor appearance outside their home. Homeowners want to sit in their garden and enjoy the comfort they would have when they are indoor. One way homeowners do that is by building composite decking with the kind of colour as their home interior floor. Building their composite decking next to their home will create a seamless walk area. 

Homeowners can easily walk from the interior of their home to the top of their composite decking. This composite decking design idea enables them to put things like sofas and tables on the decking. To further enhance the beauty of their plastic wood decking, homeowners have put a barbecue grill on it. This makes it easier to walk to the grill from their home when having an outdoor event.

Multi-Level Composite Decking

Another composite decking design idea is building multi-level decking. Multi-level composite decking incorporates different decking heights in one design. Aside from the main decking, there are other sections higher or lower that also provides functional space for outdoor activities. So, rather than having all the decking sections in one level, they are built on different levels with steps connecting them.

 This decking design allows you to have a large decking section on one side where you can put your sofa and table. Also, on the higher or lower sections of your decking, you can set aside a private space for conversation or a dining area. Note that the foundation of a multi-level decking must be strong, and the posts used to raise it must be treated to avoid rot or decay. 

Detached Composite Decking

This kind of composite checking design is common. A detached decking is a standalone outdoor patio that is not attached to your home. Detached decking is good for gardens. If you possess an enormous garden and want to build a decking in the centre, you can easily build a detached one. To make your detached composite decking attractive, you can build a cover to prevent the sun from touching the surface. You can either build a pergola or a simple shade on the decking and put a cloth to cover the top. Aside from that, you can put sofas and tables on your decking if you are to sit on the surface and enjoy the outdoors. 

Ground-level Composite Decking

This kind of decking is the opposite of multi-level composite decking. It has a large decking section that is flushed with your garden surface. Ground-level decking can be attached or detached. The attached decking is joined to the wall of your home to provide a seamless experience when walking from your home outside. You don’t have to climb or descend; all you have to do is walk on your decking. Also, the decking can be rectangular or curved.

Curved Composite Decking

This decking design idea creates a vivid visual appeal for your home exterior. Curved composite decking designs are not rectangular like most decking designs. The decking edges have curved sides, often circular or semi-circular, that run around the decking. Some decking owners have become creative and built decking shaped in the form of a guitar to make their garden look modern. This intriguing decking design will give your outdoor space the perfect balance between beauty and function. 

Multi-colour Composite Decking

Composite Decking Design Ideas

Another composite decking design is multi colour decking. This decking uses composite boards of different colours to finish the surface. Homeowners can use dark-coloured composite boards to line the edges of their decking and light coloured ones for the inner decking. This decking design will create a unique visual appeal.


There are different composite decking design ideas that you can explore. You can build a curved decking, multicolour decking, ground-level decking or multi-level decking in your outdoor space. 

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