Composite decking has come a long way and homeowners are using it to floor their outdoor space. If you are looking for the best outdoor decking material, you can consider composite decking for your project. But as with all building material, composite decking also has its disadvantages. The good news is that composite decking advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. This write-up examines composite decking disadvantages vs advantages.

Composite Decking Disadvantages

High Cost Compare to Wood Decking

One of the disadvantages of composite decking is that it cost more than wood or timber decking. The reason for comparing composite decking with timber decking is that most of its users switch from wood decking. Homeowners have long used wood decking before they developed composite decking. Although wood or timber decking has its own disadvantages, it is not as expensive as composite decking. 

Composite decking cost about £25 per board. The price of WPC decking might vary depending on the grade and quality. Timber decking cost about £15 per board for softwood while hardwood cost £20 per board. Although the price of hardwood and composite decking is similar, it is not as expensive as hardwood. This high price tag makes homeowners ask if composite decking is worth the extra cost.

No Painting Composite Decking

Composite decking comes with lots of beautiful colours. When they are making composite decking, they give it extra pigment to make the surface colour look attractive. This implies that you don’t have to paint or stain your wood plastic composite decking during maintenance. 

It can be a disadvantage if you want a specific colour that is not available, and you want to create a consistent theme in your garden. If you go ahead, and you paint your composite decking, you will lose the warranty. That is why most decking makers advertise their products as no painting composite decking.

Not a Structural Material

Composite decking is unlike wood that you can use as a structural material. Makers of composite decking made it as a flooring material only and should only be used to decking your garden. But who wants to use composite decking to build a house anyway?

Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite Decking Is Easy to Maintain

advantages and disadvantages of decking

One advantage of composite decking that clouds its disadvantages is that it is easy to maintain. This might seem like something simple about composite decking, but it is not. Easy maintenance means that you will save money over the period that you use your composite decking. What this implies is that timber or wood decking has required laborious maintenance which involves painting, sanding, staining, and sealing. 

You have to spend money to maintain your timber decking else it will become damaged. But when you install composite decking, all you need to maintain or clean it is a cloth or a hose to spray water on it. This makes you save your cash when you install composite decking. 

So, if you compare the price of composite decking with wood, and you calculate the amount you will spend maintaining timber, then you will know that composite decking is worth it. You can see that composite decking advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.

Composite Is Aesthetically Pleasing

aesthetically Pleasing decking

What this implies is that composite decking has attractive colours that stay shining for a long time. You can get brown, grey, anthracite grey, and dark and light coloured decking. Composite decking colour will last for a long time. It will not fade rapidly like wood decking colour, and it will not scratch when you walk on it. This is another advantage of composite decking. 

Composite Decking Is Durable

Plastic wood decking is durable because it is a synthetic material, and it is made to withstand weather and insects. This is another advantage of composite decking vs disadvantage. If you install composite decking in your outdoor garden and rainwater drops on it, its surface will not absorb the water. 

This makes composite decking not to swell and rot like timber. When the temperature changes, composite decking will expand without breaking like timber decking. As a result of this, composite decking will not splinter, crack or warp like timber. 

Our Verdict

Composite decking disadvantage vs advantage is simple to analyse. The advantages of composite decking far outweigh its disadvantages. When you compare the price which is one of its disadvantages and compares its easy maintenance, you will know that composite decking is worth buying.


Composite decking disadvantages vs advantages. One of the disadvantages of composite decking is that it is expensive but when you consider the fact that it is easy to maintain, and you save money, you will know that it is not a problem.

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