Constructing composite decking in your garden is one way that you can make it attractive. With good decking, you can enjoy a party with your friends. Also, you can relax on your composite decking with your family. Only a completed composite decking can make your garden or yard beautiful. To ensure that your decking achieves its purpose of beautifying your garden, you must cover the edges with a fascia. This write-up explains composite decking fascia options.  

What Is Composite Decking?

If you have seen a beautiful outdoor flooring material, then you must have seen composite decking. Another way to call composite decking is wood-plastic composite. This kind of decking has a beautiful surface texture that makes it incomparable to any other decking. Wood-plastic composite is a synthetic material and stronger than wood or PVC. This makes homeowners turn to composite decking because of its benefits. The materials makers of this decking used to make it are wood and plastic, which they mix in a factory and heat until it forms the decking.

Fascia Options

Covering the edges of your decking is one way you can make it beautiful. A decking fascia does the job of concealing the rough edges of composite decking. Also, when you install your composite decking, the joists will be visible. A visible joist will distort the structure and make it less beautiful. This means that when you view your composite decking from the front, it will not be attractive. Composite decking fascia refers to a band of composite boards that borders the patio below its surface line.

 If you are using timber decking, the fascia will be wood instead of composite decking. Composite decking fascia is similar to roof fascia. Roof fascia covers the roof planks of your house, but decking fascia covers the joists. Decking fascia serves the purpose of aesthetics. That is why it is necessary to cover the edges of your decking. Aside from aesthetics, the decking fascia serves as a connecting material between the decking and the skirt. There are different decking fascia options available.

Using Composite Decking Fascia

Composite Decking Fascia

Wood-plastic decking fascia is the best material to use when you want to conceal the rough edges of your decking. To install composite fascia around your decking edges, you have to choose the material. While most decking owners will opt to choose wood to cover their decking edges, it is not logical to use timber. The right decking fascia materials to use are composite boards. You can use one by ten composite boards to cover the edges of your decking. 

Wood-plastic boards are better than timber because they offer better durability. Also, composite boards will complement the aesthetic of your decking. You can even install decking and fascia of the same color.  To install the composite boards around the edge of your decking, you have to measure the decking to know how many you need. After, you should cut the composite boards to fit the base of your composite decking. Then, you should attach the boards to the base of your composite decking.

 You can either use a screw or nails to attach the fascia. For decking best practice, you should use a screw to fix the fascia of your decking. Some homeowners even use construction adhesive to attach their fascia boards. Just ensure that you fix the fascia properly to the decking to cover the joists and add beauty to your decking. There are other ways to cover the edges of your composite decking if you don’t want to use composite boards. 

Using the Picture Frame Method

The picture frame method is another way you can cover the edges of your composite decking to make it attractive. But this method is more difficult than fascia. To build the picture frame decking, you have to incorporate the design when making the joists. Instead of leaving the edges of your joists uncovered, you should cover the edges or perimeter of the joists with wooden planks. And ensure that the joists are within the planks. Most homeowners that don’t want to use fascia will paint the edges of their joists with a colour that matches their decking surface.


Using a composite decking fascia to cover the edges for your decking is one way to make it beautiful. To install a fascia, you have to use a composite decking of matching colour and trim it to fit.

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