You can install your composite decking if you have the needed skills. Composite decking installation can be done in four easy steps. Those steps are preparing the area, building the substructure, fixing the boards, and covering the edges. 

What Is Composite Decking?

If you have a wood decking in your back garden and you don’t know what composite decking is, you should continue reading this write-up. Composite decking is not like wood. There are several reasons composite decking is different from timber decking. The material composition of composite decking is one reason.

 Another name for composite decking is a plastic wood decking or wood plastic composite. These names suggest that composite decking contains two essential materials. Those materials are timber fibre and plastic. The wood fibre used to make composite decking is leftover materials. Also, the plastic is recycled material. 

This makes composite decking a synthetic product that is more durable and stronger than wood decking. There are several types of composite decking boards. The boards have advantages that make them easy to install. 

Grooved Composite Decking Boards

Grooved composite decking is one type of board that has an easy installation method. The sides of grooved composite decking boards have hollows or channels that run the whole length.

 One thing about grooved composite boards is that you don’t have to use screws to install it. Installing grooved plastic decking boards is so easy that you only have to use clips and fasteners. The clips will hook or hold the board down to the joists at the grooved sides. 

grooved decking installation is easy

When you use grooved boards to build decking, you will achieve a clean or smooth surface finish. What this implies is that unlike screws that appear on the surface of your decking, the clips and fasteners are hidden from view. 

Ungrooved Composite Decking Boards

Like grooved boards, ungrooved boards are also easy to install. The difference is that ungrooved does not have hollows or channels at its sides. This kind of composite decking board has normal smooth sides. 

You don’t use clips to install ungrooved boards. Instead, you should use screws. The downside of using screws is that they will appear on the surface of your composite decking. Although you can paint the screw tops to match the colour of your composite boards, it will still be visible from the top. 

ungrooved decking installation

The type of composite decking board that you purchase determines how easy the installation process is. But irrespective of the type of boards you use, you can still follow these four easy composite decking installation steps.

Four Easy Composite Decking Installation Steps

The first, second and fourth steps are the same whether you want to install grooved and ungrooved composite decking boards. The third step differs slightly because of the method of fixing the boards to the joists.

Step One – Prepare Your Compound

If you want to install or build your decking in a part of your back garden, you should ensure that you clear the area. Ensure you remove grasses and anything that can block your decking. After, you should make sure that you level the area to ensure you achieve a straight decking.

 You have to dig holes that you will put the posts that will support your decking. These posts will serve as the foundation of your plastic wood decking. You can use treated wood for the posts. When you have finished digging the holes, you can put the posts in them and cover them with cement. Ensure that your posts dry before moving to the next Installation step. 

Step Two – Build the Substructure

The substructure of your composite decking along with the posts, will serve as the foundation of your decking. At this stage, the posts are not connected. You have to use treated planks to join the posts to one another. After you can start fixing the joists to the outer boards, it is on these joists that you will attach the composite decking.

Step Three – Fix the Composite Boards

Depending on whether you are installing grooved boards or ungrooved boards, you will use screws or clips for this task. Grooved composite decking installation requires a hidden method. So, you should start from one side of your decking with the starter clips and use intermediate clips for the other boards. 

Place the boards on the joists and space them 5 mm apart. Then you should fasten the clips to the joists and use its edges to hold the board. Ungrooved boards require screws. Arrange the boards 5 mm apart and use a drilling machine to drill screws into them. 

Step Four – Cover the Edges 

Covering the edges of your composite decking is part of the installation process. You can use fascia or paint the edges to cover the rough sides.


Composite decking installation requires four easy steps. You should clear the area and build the substructure. After that, you should fix the boards and cover the edges.

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