Adding a beautiful composite decking to your garden is one way to make the place attractive. Also, with lovely plastic wood decking, you will create the best outdoor space to sit on. Not only can you enjoy your wood-plastic decking during the day, but you can enjoy the decking at night. Whether you are contemplating a romantic night out on your decking or you just want to have a night barbecue, your composite decking is the best place to do that. But night or dusk comes with darkness or low light. It implies that you have to light your composite wood decking. This post examines composite decking lighting ideas.

Decking Lighting Ideas

There are lots of decking lighting ideas for composite decking. These lighting options will not just brighten up your decking, but they will add style to your plastic wood decking. To add light to your wood-plastic decking, you can use decking post lights, decking rail lights, and decking stair lights. 

Decking Post Lights

When you build composite decking, you can add posts to it. Decking posts are siding lines that protect you and your family from falling off your composite decking. A decking without posts is exposed and does not offer protection. This kind of decking is usually ground-level or flush decking. It is not high from the ground and does not need posts to keep you from falling off the surface. 

Elevated decking is not the same as ground-level decking. This kind of decking is raised from the ground and extends some feet above the soil. Unlike flush garden dealing that you can climb easily, elevated dealing needs stairs. For protection, you must install posts on your elevated decking to prevent you from falling off the edges of the decking. This kind of decking posts usually has rails on the surface that join them together. When you want to light up your composite decking, you can add light to the posts. 

Decking installers will build the light in the post caps. The light on your decking posts will be directed downward so that it will shine on the surface of your decking without getting into your eyes. This way, the post light will ensure that you see the surface of the decking without getting into your eyes. You can use wired decking posts lights to brighten your composite decking. Since most decking posts are hollow, you can conceal the wire in the posts for you to achieve a clean finishing. There are solar decking lights that don’t require wiring because they charge wirelessly. 

Decking Rail Lights

Decking rails lights are another way to light your composite decking at night. This composite decking lighting idea offers the option of adding lights to the rail of your decking. Rails are metal or wood that join your composite decking posts together. When you are standing on your composite decking, you can rest your hand on the rail. Or, your rail can serve as a guide for you when you walk on your composite decking when it is dark. 

To light your plastic wood decking, you can fix lights on the rail and let them run around your decking. This is another great way to shine your composite decking surface. Also, this decking light option will not let the light shine into your eyes. Rail lights are dozens of small lights placed in tubes that you can tuck under your plastic wood decking. The light is directed to your plastic wood decking surface and not your eyes.

Decking Stairs Light

Composite Decking Lighting Ideas

We mentioned before that most decking with posts is elevated decking. Elevated composite decking is raised above the ground, and they require stairs so that you can climb it. You can be creative by putting light on the stairs of your elevated decking. This composite decking idea is a good way to improve your decking safety. You can add the lights to your decking stairs riser. This will create a vivid visual appeal for your decking and prevent missing the steps when you walk on the decking.

Lighting a Ground-level Composite Decking

Since ground-level composite decking does not have posts and rails, there are ways you can add light to it. One ground-level composite decking light idea is to build a pergola and add lights to the pergola pillars. Or, if your decking is close to your house, you can fix the light to the wall so that it shines on the decking. This way, you will ensure that you see your decking surface at night.


There are many composite decking lighting ideas that you can explore. One of them is by adding lights to the posts. Others include fixing lights to rails and stairs of your decking.

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