Composite fencing is like other buildings materials, and it has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Unlike wood fencing, composite fencing takes fencing a garden to the next level. This is because of the beauty that it adds to your yard.

What is composite fencing? Composite fencing is a fencing material that is made of wood fibre and plastic.

If you have ever had about composite decking, then you will understand composite fencing better.

This fencing material is made in a factory where the wood fibre and plastic are processed, and the finished material is cut into shape.

The essence of developing composite fencing is for it to replace a wood fence.

Considering the pros and cons of composite fencing is like considering the advantages and disadvantages.

The following heading will explain the pros and cons of composite fencing.

Advantages of Composite Fencing


Composite fencing is more durable than wood fencing. Remember that they are made to replace wood fencing. In fact, composite fencing is next to wrought iron in terms of durability.

 The difference between composite fencing and wrought iron is that the former can be made to look like wood. This makes lovers of timber use it to other fencing material.

advantages and disadvantages of composite decking

Also, composite fencing will last longer, and they are resistant to the element of weather and insects like a termite. You can use your composite fence for up to 30 years.

Easy to Maintain

Another advantage of composite fencing is that it is very easy to maintain.

Unlike wood fencing that needs sanding, oiling, painting and staining, composite fencing does not need all those. 

Composite fencing needs the regular cleaning that you will give your household items.

All you need is to wash it with a hose if it is dirty. Also, washing a composite fence is easy because dirt will not stick to it.

If there is grease or oil stain on your fence, all you should do is spray soapy water and scrub the fence with a soft brush.

Also, power washing your composite fence is possible, but you must not put the hose close to the fence.

Composite Fencing Is Beautiful 

Another advantage of composite fences is that they can be finished in different colours. This implies that you can get a dark-coloured and light-coloured fence.

Also, the colour of a composite fence will not fade easily like that of a wood fence. It is because plastic-wood fences are resistant to UV rays of the sun. 

Another thing about composite fencing is that you can get one that looks like wood. This is because plastic-wood fencing can be finished with a wood grain texture.

Resistant to Insect Attack

Composite materials are generally resistant to insect and weather elements. This implies termite cannot attack your fence, and rainwater cannot destroy it. 

Also, your fence will not crack or splinter after you have used it for a long time. 

Disadvantages of Composite Fencing

Cost of Purchasing Composite Fencing

One setback of a composite fence is that it is more expensive than a wood fence. Note that it is not as expensive as an iron fence. 

This is a setback for homeowners that want to replace their wood fence with composite. When the price of wood and composite are compared, folks might choose to go for wood.

Composite Fence Can Be Destroyed

If not utilized properly, a composite fence can be destroyed. For example, if hot objects are made to come in contact with composite fences, the fence can melt. 

Composite fencing can burn like other building materials. Also, you must install your plastic-wood fence properly for it to last long. 

Requires Maintenance 

Composite fence is not completely maintenance-free like most homeowners think.

Although it is not like a wood fence, a composite fence still requires cleaning. 

Also, if not taken care of properly and the colour fades, you might have to paint the fence.

All these are the advantages and disadvantages of composite fences. You will notice that the disadvantages are peculiar to other building materials. 

To get around the disadvantages, it is better to install your fence properly. Also, make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with anything that can destroy it.


Composite fencing advantages are low maintenance, durability, and beautiful finish. The disadvantages are the cost of installing, maintenance, and that it can be destroyed.

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