Having a pool in your garden is one way to enhance the beauty of the garden. Aside from that, a pool in your garden will enable you to enjoy your relaxation when you are in your garden. Building a decking around your pool is a great way to improve the appearance of your pool. There are lots of decking options that you can select from if you want to deck your pool. Wood decking is one pool decking option, while composite decking is another. This write-up looks at composite options for pool decking.

Best Pool Decking

Looking for the best pool decking? Don’t be confused by the large varieties of decking material. Wood is one pool decking option, but it has its disadvantages. Composite is another decking option, and it is one of the best decking available. If you want the best pool decking material, you should use composite wood decking. Unlike wood that requires elaborate maintenance, composite requires less maintenance. 

Also, composite does not warp or sag when the temperature changes. Using composite decking to build your pool decking will enable you to enjoy the decking for a long time. It is because composite is more resistant to the elements than timber decking. Also, composite has a water-resistant surface that makes it last longer. So, if you are looking to use composite decking, what are the composite options for pool decking?

Tip: When looking to build composite pool decking. The options for pool decking that you should look at are moisture resistance, heat resistance, splintering, and beauty.

Moisture Resistance for Water Exposure

Pools, docks, and other outdoor surfaces are exposed to moisture or water. When you walk into a pool, you will probably splash water on the decking that you build around it. Also, when you walk out of a pool, you will splash water on the decking. A dock is similar to a pool, and water will splash on the surface regularly. Since these areas are water prone, the kind of composite decking that you should use should be water-resistant. A water-resistant decking is also a moisture-resistant decking.

 Most composite decking manufacturers tag this kind of decking moisture shield. Composite decking with a moisture shield will absorb less water than those without. Moisture shield composite decking has extra layers of plastic coating its surface. This plastic shelling, in addition to the plastic used to make it, prevents moisture from entering the composite boards. This prevents the composite decking pool option from degrading as a result of rot. Since composite decking will not take in much water, then it will not rot. 

Composite Options for Pool Decking

Heat Resistance to Avoid Hot Pool Temperature

Aside from using plastic-coated composite products from your pool decking surface, you have to consider heat. Heat is another thing that can prevent you from walking on your decking when the sun is hot. This can be difficult when water is on your decking’s surface, and the water is warm. To solve the heat problem on a decking, you must use heat-resistant composite wood products. This pool decking option will enable you to enjoy your decking even when the temperature is hot. Heat-resistant decking has cool deck technology that makes it absorb less heat. Another tip is installing composite wood products that have light colours. Light-coloured composite wood decking will take in less heat than dark-coloured ones. 

Less Splintering 

Aside from heat resistance, splintering is another thing to consider when building a pool decking. A decking material will splinter when the heat of the sun is hot. Building heat-resistant decking will prevent splintering of the decking surface. The splintering of the decking surface will make the decking less safe to walk. Composite decking will not splinter when the temperature changes; also, it will not sag. When the decking becomes hot, it will expand without cracking. Using the composite decking pool option will enable you to enjoy your decking for a long time without having to change it.

The Durability of the Composite Pool Decking

The durability of the composite pool decking matters. This is because it determines how long your composite wood decking will last. A less durable composite will not last long. So, when building a pool decking, you should use top-grade decking that will last for about 25 years. 


Looking for the best composite option for pool decking? You should consider the moisture-resistant property of the decking. Also, you should consider the heat and splintering resistance of the composite wood decking.  

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