Having beautiful decking in your garden is one way to make it attractive. Composite decking will not only add beauty to your yard, but it will provide a space where you can relax. If you love the outdoors, building a detached composite decking is the way to go. But when you build your decking in the open space of your yard, you will be exposed to the scorching sun. This implies that you will be unprotected, and the sun might hurt your skin, making it less likely for you to use your decking on the hot summer days. This write-up examines the various covered decking design ideas.

Why Homeowners Build a Decking in Their Garden

Homeowners build beautiful decking in their garden for several reasons. One reason decking owners install decking is to find where they will relax during the summer days. Another reason is that homeowners choose to create a replica of their house interior on their decking. This decking idea is particularly appealing to lovers of the outdoors. They want to sit on their composite decking and still enjoy the comfort and warmth of their house interior. 

When planning and installing a decking, you should use a durable material like composite wood decking instead of a less durable one. Composite wood decking will last longer, and it is aesthetically more valuable than timber. After building the decking with composite materials, homeowners find it difficult to relax under their decking when the hot summer sun is out. That is why every outdoor decking needs a covering. There are several covered decking design ideas that homeowners can explore. 

Covering Your Composite Decking

Homeowners have explored different options to cover the top of their composite decking. Note that before composite decking was created, wood was the dominant decking type. Since then, homeowners have also devised means of protecting themselves when they sit under their decking. But when composite decking was developed, the outdoor scene changed, and homeowners craved a beautiful outdoor space. That is why when covering your decking; you must design the covering so that it will complement the beauty of your decking. 


An arbor is a material that you can use to cover your composite decking and to protect yourself from the sun. Although an Arbor is smaller than a pergola and a gazebo, it provides the same benefits as a pergola. A typical Arbor has two or four posts depending on whether it is attached to your home. If the arbor is attached to your home, then it needs only two posts to make it stand. Homeowners can add a roof to the top of their Arbor on which they can spread a cloth to protect themselves from the sun’s scorching heat. With an  Arbor, you can create a contemporary garden in your yard. 


Covered Decking Design Ideas

Another covered decking design idea that homeowners can explore is by building a pergola on the decking. You can fix the pergola when you are building your composite wood decking, or you can fix the pergola after. Pergolas don’t have a covered roof, and it gives you the flexibility to use a cloth to cover the top of the pergola when you want. Also, you can plant a vine close to your composite decking and let it creep on your pergola. The vine, when it grows on the roof of your pergola, will protect from the sun. 

Building a pergola is simple. Your pergola will need two posts if it is attached to your home. If your composite decking is standalone, then your pergola will need four posts. You can paint your pergola posts so that the colour will match that of your composite decking. This will further enhance the appearance of the decking. A pergola will prolong your enjoyment of your composite decking and add an attractive design to it.

Gazebo Design Idea

Another covered decking design idea is a gazebo. This type of covering is different from a pergola because it is more room-like and provides privacy. You can build your gazebo with wood or metal, depending on your taste. Your gazebo can take any shape, whether rectangular or circular. Like a pergola and an Arbor, a gazebo has posts and may have closed sides.


There are lots of covered decking design ideas that you can select. You can build a pergola on your composite decking to protect yourself. Also, you can build an Arbor or a gazebo to enable you to prolong your enjoyment on your decking.

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