Doing your research before embarking on your project ensures your costs are minimal, no money is wasted and you are maximising the space of your garden. Having a consistent theme for your garden will help the flow of your garden. While a minimalist aesthetic may seem tempting, having too much clutter can make your garden seem smaller, but a carefully designed, busy garden can appear just as big – if not bigger! 

To help you maximise your space and create a garden that suits your needs, we have identified key features to consider when designing your new garden.

Choosing the right

Choosing The Right Colour For Your Decking Ideas

As a homeowner, choosing a decking colour to suit your property is just as important as choosing the interior of your home. You may wish to choose a decking colour that matches your current aesthetic or you may wish to add a contrast. Here at Composite Warehouse, we have multiple colours and styles available to suit your outdoor space

1. Grey Wood Grain Decking Ideas

Grey is one of our most popular composite decking colours providing a modern aesthetic to your space. This board is easily styled with accessories due to its natural tones and texture. Due to its versatility, this can be paired with a minimalistic look or a splash of colour, creating a vibrant feel in your outdoor space. This board is reversible, one side is woodgrain and the other is grooved.

Decking ideas

2. Contemporary Black Decking Ideas

This board is usually accompanied by a pop of colour and is seen as a bold statement. This is quickly becoming one of the best selling boards, as our customers love the contemporary feel yet continue to maintain the on trend look of their gardens. As seen in the photo, this customer has added a pop of pink with surrounding flowers and furniture, showing how black decking can still be vibrant and colourful. This board is available in grooves, one side has wider grooves than the other.

3. Wooden Chic

If you would like the natural wooden aesthetic without the disadvantages of timber, our teak and chocolate Timeless boards can help you achieve this desired look. Providing a traditional and classic appearance to compliment the surrounding landscape. Additionally, these boards come with a wood grain finish to further maintain the characteristics of wood. This colour and style of decking are best suited to an exterior space that has lots of plants and flowers to blend with the space.

4. Anthracite Grey Decking Ideas

If you are trying to achieve a modern aesthetic with dark tones, our Essential collection is available in anthracite grey to provide this. The colour is extremely versatile when styling the decking, it can provide a minimalistic and neutral look or you can add a pop of colour. The colour is one of the darkest shades of grey available, which offers the perfect opportunity to make a bold statement without using a blackboard. This board is available in grooves; one side has wider grooves than the other

Decking Theme Ideas

When designing your outdoor space it’s important to remember that size doesn’t matter. It is much more about how your garden feels rather than how big your garden looks. No space is too small to remodel.

We recommend researching before beginning your project to make sure no money is wasted and costs are minimal. Creating a consistent theme throughout your garden will help the flow of this and can also help your garden to appear bigger. Utilising all space within your garden is also an important factor, to bear in mind when designing, to help maximise your garden space and to create a garden that suits your needs. Here below are a few key garden characteristics you may wish to include in your garden.

4. Natural foliage themed garden

As shown in the photo, this customer has opted for an almost exotic or tropical themed garden filled with different varieties of plants, accompanied by natural oak coloured decking. This blends the decking into the surrounding landscape, giving the feel of being at home with nature. The feature of a trellis can help to create this theme, as plants can grow upward.


5. Inside out – Matching inside to outside

Many customers love to create an indoor-outdoor feel within their garden, to create the illusion of a larger living space. This can be achieved by creating a cohesive appearance and matching the colours of your interior design to the furniture and decking in your outdoor area. Outdoor sofas and comfortable waterproof furniture help to create this relaxing outdoor living lifestyle.


6. Alfresco

Many customers choose to add decking in their gardens to be able to dine alfresco in the summer months. With BBQs and outdoor kitchens or even just outdoor dining furniture, you can easily create an ideal space to entertain, host and enjoy with friends and family. Adding composite decking to your garden helps to section your outdoor space up which can make it seem like a larger, more inviting space. If you situate your decking and outdoor furniture underneath a pergola or covered area, you can even dine alfresco all year round no matter the weather!



7. Adding a curve to your decking

An unconventional way you can add decking to your outdoor space is by installing curved decking rather than regular straight edge decking. Curved decking creates a beautiful appearance within your garden that blends your decking into the surrounding environment. As straight lines aren’t traditionally found in nature, curved decking gives a more natural feel and can even save more space which makes your garden seem larger.



8. Adding character to your garden

When adding decking to your garden, you can create a specific character for your outdoor space through various features and characteristics. We have carefully listed some features that you can utilise within your decking or outdoor space to add character to your garden.


9. Multi-Level

If your garden is sloped or not level, introducing a multi-level garden may be beneficial in order to utilise the space you have. To help maximise your space you may wish to add multiple surfaces to elongate the feel and appearance of your outdoor living space. By adding different colours and textures this adds character to your garden.


10. Install some Balustrades

You can add a modern twist to your composite decking by installing balustrades on your steps or on your balcony. These are low maintenance and are perfect for adding a modern look to your garden. If you are implementing steps into your garden, you may want to consider installing these for safety reasons. As an alternative, you may wish to add railings.



Decking Designs

11. Picture Framing Detail

If you would like to add some contrast to your outdoor space, picture framing is a great way to do so. Many customers opt to have one section of their decking a lighter shade, paired with a darker strip around the edging to form the picture framing technique. This is easily incorporated into any design and can add character to your garden.


12. Trim Detail

When finishing off your decking, adding trims is another brilliant way to add contrast to your decking. These are thinner strips, which cover the edging of the decking, hiding where the two decking boards join on the corners. Similar to the picture framing method, you can add a contrast to your decking by using either a lighter or darker shade trim depending on the colour of your board.



13. Planters

When designing your perfect outdoor sanctuary, you may want to arrange trees, plants, paths and planting space. Planting at various levels can not only utilise your space but also maximise this. This homeowner to the right has used multiple levels in their garden which helps to elongate this and add character. You may also wish to add a bench or steps into your planter area




Styling Decking Ideas

You can transform your outdoor space in a number of ways, whether it’s by changing the colour palette or adding extras to your decking such as a hot tub or pergola. Whether you

14. Fire Pits

Make the most of your outdoor living space all year round by adding a fire pit to this. This is perfect for using your decking area around the colder months.




15. Hot Tub

Add some bubbles to your garden by installing a hot tub! Not only does this enable you to use your decking space all year round but is perfect for hosting parties! Whether you decide to add your hot tub on top of the decking or build the decking around your hot tub, composite decking is the perfect material to use for its slip resistant properties!



16. Lighting

Light up your outdoor living space by brightening up the area enabling you to utilise your garden both day and night!  Add lighting as a safety feature such as to light up a pathway or simply install lights to enhance your new garden. Use warm yellow lighting for a cosy aesthetic or use more of a bright cool white light for a modern feel.


17. Pergola

Adding a pergola to your garden is a great way to add some shade to your decking area. This modern feature enables you to use your garden all year round by adding shelter for the cooler months or can be used as a shaded area in summer to host your dinner parties. 




18. Pond

Add some character by adding a pond to your outdoor living space. Composite decking is a great material to use for the pathway around this due to its slip resistant properties.





19. Garden Furniture

When renovating your outdoor space you may wish to add a variety of furniture to your area. If you enjoy hosting and having friends and family around this is a great way to make your outdoor space more cosy and entertaining. Experimenting with different colours and textures can help transform the feel and look of your garden.




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