Planning a decking is crucial to achieving the best result when installing decking in your backyard. If you are contemplating building an outdoor decking in your yard, you should keep reading this write-up. Most homeowners have experience with planning and designing their decking. Others are new to decking and don’t even know whether they should use composite decking or wood decking. This write-up explains the various decking planning tips and ideas. 

Planning a Decking

Think of Where You Will Install the Decking

The first thing homeowners should think of before building their decking is where they will install the decking. You can install your decking in the centre of your garden. Or, you can install the decking close to a structure in your backyard. Some homeowners install their decking close to their home and create a seamless walkthrough from their house to the decking. If there are trees on your lawn, you can install your decking around the tree. 

Another place you can install decking is high up the roof of your home. Rooftop decking allows you to have a better view of the surrounding. The balcony of your home is another spot you can install your composite decking. Homeowners should install their decking where they will have their outdoor activity. And you should ensure that your decking is easily accessible.

Think of Your Decking Design

Your decking design is the shape of your decking. There are several decking designs available, but few are used. The most common decking design is rectangular or straight decking. This decking design type has a square edge. Other decking designs are circular or curved decking, elevated decking and multi-level decking. Curved decking is the opposite of rectangular decking. This decking design type has curved edges and can take any shape. Most curved decking owners usually build their decking close to a pool or pond. 

Also, you can build a curved decking around a tree. The curve design makes it possible for the decking to go round. Elevated decking is another decking design. This kind of decking has posts that raise the structure above the ground. And the decking is common in an uneven landscape. Homeowners have used the elevated decking to provide space for outdoor activities in a garden that is slopy. If the floor plan of your home is high, you can build an elevated decking as your balcony so that you can have your outdoor activity there.

Think of the Decking Material

This part of building decking is crucial. It is because the material you used to build your decking determines if the decking will last or not. Wood decking is the most common flooring material. Composite decking is an emerging decking material that is better than timber decking. Plastic decking is another decking material homeowners can use to build decking. If you are considering building a  decking, you should try composite decking. This outdoor flooring material is the best you can use. It is durable, lasting longer than timber and plastic. Rot-resistance is another feature of composite wood decking because its plastic-coated surface will prevent water absorption. Composite decking is unaffected by the sun and will not break, splinter, crack or split when heated. 

What Will You Use as Your Decking Frame?

decking designs and ideas

Your decking frame matters. The frame is the substructure that raises your decking from the ground. Adding a frame to your composite decking will give the decking board a breathing space. The base of your composite decking will be well ventilated, and water will flow under your decking without being trapped. You can use wood as the frame or substructure of your composite decking. This kind of frame is cheaper than using aluminium joists. But you should ensure that you use treated wood so that it will last longer, like your decking. Some homeowners have opted for aluminium joists, which are better and more durable. But aluminium joists don’t come cheap. 

Will You Install the Decking Yourself or Hire an Installer?

This is another crucial decking planning tips and ideas question homeowners should ask themselves. Hiring a decking installer will mean spending more cash as the installer will be charging per hour to install your decking. Most homeowners have tried to build their decking themselves. Building a decking is easier said than done. You should use tools like a drilling machine, saw, and hammer to install your composite decking yourself.


This write-up has explained the different decking planning tips and ideas homeowners can use before building their decking. Be sure to select the right decking material like composite decking to achieve the best result.

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