Adding a pergola to your decking space is a great way to utilise your outdoor living space year round. There are many varieties to choose from, such as an open slat pergola, a closed pergola or one that can be both opened and closed. Adding a pergola will not only bring you shade and shelter but also add privacy to the area, if you wish to add seating or a dining area underneath. Pergolas are easy to build when added to your decking space, they can be designed to connect seamlessly, which will maintain the aesthetic of your garden.



Open Wood Pergola

One main style of pergola is an open wooden slat pergola, These are great for adding some shade to your decking area while also maintaining space to let some light and sun through. This type of pergola adds privacy to your space yet avoids the closed off feeling some fully closed pergolas may give. For the cooler months, you may wish to add curtains or a cover for the roof to make the space underneath more sheltered and to retain the heat.


Closed Covered Pergola

Why not add a closed pergola to your decking area. This is a great way to maintain shade and shelter, yet it can be used all year round, especially in the rainy months. By having a clear, covered style roof, this still allows light through which will stop the feeling of the area being closed off and too secluded.



Add furniture and lighting underneath your pergola

You may wish to opt to create a serene seating area for you and your family underneath your pergola. Adding outdoor furniture can be used all year round underneath the cover of this. Add curtains around the edging if you wish to make your space more secluded and warmer in the cooler months.


Lighting is also another great feature to add to your pergola. This simple enhancement will brighten up your space also providing more use of your garden throughout the cooler and darker winter months. Adding warm lighting will make your space feel more cosy and add a homely feel to this, or simply by adding cooler lighters this can bring a modern feel to your area.

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Add a hot tub underneath your pergola

Add some extra warmth underneath your pergola by adding a hot tub! A hot tub is fastly becoming one of the most popular features to add to your garden making this the perfect item to use under your pergola. Get the most out of your garden by using this all year round due to the pergola acting like a shade in the summer and a shelter in the winter – perfect no matter the weather!

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