There are several materials that you can use to install decking in the UK. But few of these materials are good for the UK environment. Wood decking stands the chance of surviving when the weather is good. But the wet UK weather will not make timber decking last longer. Composite decking stands the chance of surviving in the UK environment more than timber decking. Plastic decking is another material UK homeowners can use to build decking. All these outdoor decking materials have their advantages when you install them in the UK environment. This write-up examines the different kinds of decking materials for the UK environment.

Timber Decking

There are two kinds of timber decking available to UK homeowners. Softwood decking is one type, while hardwood decking is another. The disparity between soft timber and hard timber decking is that the former is made from trees with a soft texture. And needs chemicals, while the latter is made from strong trees and does not need chemicals. Softwood decking will be damaged quickly when you install it in the UK environment. The surface will take in more water and swell, causing the decking to rot or shrink. 

Also, the elements will easily destroy softwood decking. Heat will make timber decking crack, break, or split. To make softwood decking last a little longer, engineers treat it with chemicals to squeeze all the moisture from it. Hardwood decking has a strong texture and will last longer than softwood decking. This decking type does not require chemicals to make it durable. Regardless of hardwood or softwood, timber decking is still susceptible to the elements of nature. 

Rain, snow, ice is part of mother nature’s element that will easily destroy timber decking. Also, insects and certain plants like mould and mildew can damage timber decking after installing it in the UK environment. If you search for a patio material that will last longer, a timber patio is not the best option. The UK homeowners must clean, scrub, paint and stain their timber patio when maintaining it. Aside from that, timber decking is not aesthetically appealing like other patio materials. 

Composite Wood Decking


There are different variants of composite wood decking available in the market. Both what is common to all composite decking types is that they are synthetic materials. Also, they are durable and firm and will last longer than timber decking. Engineers produce composite wood decking in factories with wood and plastic (both the wood and plastic are recycled or used materials). In the factory, makers of composite decking combine both constituents with an adhesive and then add heat to the mixture until the mixture produces the decking. 

The finished decking material is called wood-plastic composite or plastic wood decking. This patio material is not just strong; it won’t absorb moisture or water like timber decking. The plastic in wood-plastic composite prevents moisture from entering the board. To further protect the boards, engineers coat the top with an additional layer of plastic that stops water and prevents dampness on the decking. 

This makes wood-plastic composite one of the best materials for the UK environment. When you install wood-plastic composite as your patio, the decking will last longer. With little maintenance, you will keep your plastic wood decking going. And maintaining your plastic wood decking is easy and cheap. Unlike timber or lumber that needs sanding, painting, and staining, wood-plastic composite does not need all those. 

Plastic Decking

Plastic decking is different from timber decking because it is made from plastic. The PVC used to make plastic decking is processed in a factory like the wood-plastic decking. This makes the plastic patio a synthetic material like composite. But unlike composite wood decking, plastic decking does not contain timber or lumber as part of its constituents. Also, plastic decking is not a composite material because it does not contain two or more mixed materials. 

But PVC decking has similar properties to composite decking. Maintaining your PVC decking is easy and does not need all the sanding, painting, and staining of timber decking. Aside from that, PVC decking is resistant to the elements and performs better than timber but not more than composite in the UK environment. UK homeowners looking for a good decking option aside from composite can consider plastic decking.


There are different kinds of decking materials for the UK environment. Wood decking is one, but it is not durable. If you want durable decking, composite decking and PVC are the two better options.

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