When you are installing your composite fence, you should ensure that you add some space between the panels. Adding some space between the panels of your composite fencing will ensure that it expands and contracts easily. Also, it will ensure that your composite fencing does not warp or splinter when it expands. But why does composite fencing need space? We will go into that in the next section of our write-up.

Why Composite Fencing Needs Space

Composite fencing is like other composite material that is affected by a change in temperature. When this implies is that fluctuating temperature will affect your composite fence after you have installed it. The way fluctuating temperature affects composite materials is different from how it affects wood fencing. 

Composite materials are durable and strong and will withstand the toughest pressure that element of nature placed on it. So, instead of your composite fencing to crack or splinter when the temperature changes, it will expand to the side. You can manage the expansion of composite fences by adding some space in between the fencing panels.

 If you don’t add some space between the composite fencing panels, the panels will expand. And when they expand, they will touch another. The pressure that the composite fencing panels will place on one another will make them splinter or warp. Worse still, it will pull your composite fencing panels out of their place. 

What Is the Right Space for Composite Fencing?

When you are installing your composite fencing panels, you should ensure that you follow the best practice. What it implies is that you must leave the appropriate space set by the maker of your fencing panels. To cater for expansion, we recommend that you leave a minimum of 5 mm gap between the composite fencing panels. 

Do Composite Fencing Panels Need Space?

Note that the space between your plastic wood panels should not be smaller than 5mm. A space that is smaller than the 5 mm that we recommend will not be enough for your fencing panels when they expand. Also, the space between your composite fencing panels should not be too broad. 

If you should leave a space of 10 mm or 15 mm, for example, the space will be too obvious. Also, objects like leave or pollen will accumulate between the space if they are too wide. So, the right amount of space between your composite fencing panels should be 5 mm.

How to Ensure that You Add the Right Amount of Space

You can ensure that you add the right amount of space between your composite fencing by installing the panels step by step. The first thing you should do is to clear the place that you want to install your fence. You should measure the size of your property and ensure that you mark it appropriately. 

Depending on where you live, you might have to get a permit from the local authority before you commence building your composite fencing panels. If it is a picket fence that you want to install, you don’t have to worry about space because the picket fence already has space. But if you are installing a complete privacy fence, you need to add the right margin. 

After marking your lots, you should clear the area where you will install your fence. The site you will install your fencing panels is just a narrow path that covers your property. After that, you should mark the spots where you will install the posts that you will attach your fencing panels to.

Dig the holes that you will put the posts so that the hole will be deep. A deep hole will guarantee a solid base for your fence. This is crucial because of the heavy wind. If the base of your composite fencing is not stable, your fence might collapse. 

After digging the holes, you should put the posts in them and cover the holes with cement. Wait until the cement you added to the posts dry before you start fixing the fencing panels to them. When attaching the fencing panels, be sure to remember to leave the 5 mm gap between them because of expansion. You should do this for all the fencing posts in your property until you are done.


Do composite fencing panels need space? When installing your composite fencing panels, you should leave a minimum of 5 mm space between the boards. This 5 mm space will ensure that your fencing panels expand easily when the temperature changes. 

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