Composite fencing is a durable fencing material that serves as a better alternative to wood fencing. Homeowners love composite fencing because the maintenance process is not like wood. Does this imply that composite fencing is maintenance-free? Or, do I have to maintain my composite fencing? Both questions are the same, but in a different form.

Is Composite Decking Maintenance Free?

So, this is where folks get confused. Most people think that because makers of composite fencing advertised their products as requiring little maintenance, they do not need to maintain their fencing. The truth is, plastic wood fencing, like other composite materials, require maintenance. 

When you purchase and install your composite fencing, you have to maintain it regularly so that it will look good and last longer. The care you give your composite fencing includes cleaning. Also, you can decide to paint or stain your composite fencing if you like, although we don’t recommend that you paint your fence.

What Is the Difference between Maintaining Composite Fencing and Wood?

If composite fencing requires maintenance like wood, what is the difference between them? The difference between composite fencing and wood is the amount of time and cash you will spend maintaining your wood fencing. Wood fencing maintenance is laborious. What this implies is that the task requires bending your back if you are doing it yourself. You have to sand, seal, stain or paint your wood fence. 

Ruminate on how long it will take to finish the wood maintenance task. It will take a long time right. That is one of the differences between composite fencing and wood fencing. Plastic wood fencing or plastic wood fencing maintenance will not consume your time. It is because plastic wood materials like fencing will not absorb stain or dirt like wood. 

Don’t get it wrong; it will take in a little but not too much like timber to the extent that removing it will be tedious. Another different between composite fencing and wood is that you must maintain a wood fence so that it will last longer. Plastic wood fencing only requires maintenance so that it will look clean and beautiful. 

The process of sealing woods fencing is crucial to the extent that if you don’t do it, your wood fence will get damage. Our composite fencing does not require sealing. Aside from that, our composite fencing saves your money because you don’t have to expend cash to buy the materials you will use to maintain your fence.

How to Maintain Your Composite Fencing

how to maintain outdoor fencing

How you maintain your plastic wood fencing depend on what you want to remove. 

Snow and Ice

Removing snow and ice that accumulate on and at the side of your composite fence is something you can do. You should use a plastic shovel to do the task. We recommend plastic shovel because metal shovel can scratch your fence.

Mud and Dirt

You should remove mud and dirt if they stick to your fence. Just sweep the surface with a broom and allow the mud or dirt to fall off. To get a clean surface, you can use a hose to rinse the surface of your composite fence. If you don’t want to use a broom, you can use a cloth soak in water to clean the surface of your composite fencing. 

Grease and Oil Stain

Grease and oil stain usually stick to the surface of your composite fencing. But unlike wood, composite fencing will only absorb a little grease and oil stain. To remove these types of stains, you will need a soft brush and soapy water. Note the mention of a soft brush. Using hard floor brush will scratch the surface of your composite fencing. So, we recommend a soft brush.

 Pour the soapy water on the spot and wait for it to absorb the water. When the soap in the water react with the stain and make them weak, you can then use your brush to scrub the spot. After, you should rinse the surface with a power washer. When using a power washer, you should be careful, and you should not bring the hose too close to the fence. Bringing it too close to the fence will peel the surface of your composite fence. 

Mould and Mildew

You can remove mould and mildew the same way you remove oil and grease. Although mould and mildew cannot grow on composite fencing, certain conditions can let them thrive. 

That is if you allow leaves and pollen to decay on your fence. Mould will grow on the spot and distort the surface of your fence. When it occurs, all you need is a soft brush and a bucket of soapy water. Scrub and rinse so that it will be clean.


You have to maintain your composite fencing. Maintaining your composite fencing is easy and will not consume all your time.

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