You don’t have to seal your composite decking to make it look good and last longer. But if you want to, you can seal your composite decking with a good sealer. Note that the decision to seal or stain your plastic wood decking with water repealing sealer is personal. It is something you should or shouldn’t do. This is because composite decking is a durable outdoor patio that will last longer and requires low maintenance. You will know more about wood plastic composite as you go through this write-up.

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is an outdoor flooring material that you can use to build a patio in your home. The difference between plastic wood decking and other types of outdoor patio material is clear. Composite decking material composition is wood dust and plastic. Timber dust is a leftover material that makers of composite decking get from a sawmill.

 So, instead of dumping the wood dust and polluting the environment, they convert it with recycled plastic to composite decking. The process of making composite decking is simple. Makers of plastic decking will take the wood dust and the recycled plastic to a factory and mix them with an adhesive. When the composite decking boards are ready, they will cut them into shape so that you can use them to build your patio. 

Composite Decking Maintenance

One good side of composite decking is that it requires low maintenance. Note that some homeowners think that since composite decking is durable and long-lasting, it doesn’t need care. That assumption is wrong because you have to maintain your durable outdoor flooring material to make it stay beautiful. There is a big difference between composite decking upkeep and wood decking upkeep.

 Wood decking requires sanding, sealing, staining or painting. Also, you must do the process we have just described regularly so that a wood decking must last longer. This process is time-consuming and backbreaking. You will waste a lot of time bending down when you are cleaning your timber patio. Aside from time, you will spend money to maintain your wood decking. Composite decking maintenance is not as tedious as that of wood decking. You don’t have to seal or stain your composite decking to make it stay longer.

 Aside from staining, you don’t have to paint your outdoor plastic wood material. The process of taking care of your composite decking will not consume your cash; in fact, it will save your money. But you still have to clean your composite decking because it can get dirty if mud or oil spill on it. Cleaning your plastic wood decking is easy. All it requires is a cloth or a soft brush. Scrub oil or grease stain with soapy water and then rinse it.

 If you are dealing with mould, use a power washer to remove it. Mould and mildew can grow on your composite decking if you don’t clean it and if pollen and leaves decay on it. When this happens, you can scrub the mould away with soapy water and a soft brush. To prevent mould and to prevent water from entering their decking, some homeowners have decided to seal it.

Why Some Homeowners Choose to Seal Their Composite Decking

We mentioned earlier that mould could grow on your composite decking if leaves, pollens or food decay on it. Although this is true, it does not make composite decking a less durable material. But it can become a problem. Note that it is when you don’t clean your composite decking that mould will grow on it. It is unlike wood decking that readily becomes a breeding ground for mould.

 So, to prevent mould from growing on their composite decking, most homeowners decide to seal the surface with a sealer. This they will do after cleaning the surface thoroughly to remove the mould or mildew from the top. Sealing a composite decking will prevent it from absorbing moisture and cover the wood part of plastic wood decking. 

seal your outdoor decking

This process is particularly useful if your composite decking is the first generation decking material that doesn’t have a capped top. Second generation composite decking has a capped surface and will absorb a little amount of water. If your wood plastic composite decking is the second generation, then you don’t need to seal it.


Unlike wood decking that requires sealing, you don’t have to seal your composite decking to make it last longer. But, if you want to, you can seal it.  

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