That depends on the kind of composite decking boards you purchase. Homeowners have the choice to purchase different kinds of plastic wood decking when building a patio in their garden. Garden owners that purchase grooved composite decking should expect to install it with clips and fasteners, while ungrooved decking requires screws. Aside from that, most homeowners still prefer to use clips to install their wood-plastic decking because of the neat appearance it gives to their deck. But if you desire to screw your composite decking, you can, but you need to use paint to cover the edge of the screw. 

screw down decking

Using Screws to Install Composite Decking

There are several options when installing your plastic wood decking in your garden. You can use screws and clips to install your wood-plastic composite decking. The kinds of plastic wood decking boards homeowners purchase for their patio determines how they will install it. To use screws to install your composite decking, garden owners must purchase ungrooved plastic wood decking boards. Ungrooved wood-plastic decking does not hollow in its sides. This makes it impossible for garden owners to use clips to hook the deck to the joists. 

Other Options of Installing Composite Decking

Aside from using screws to install their plastic wood decking, garden owners can use nails and clips to fix their decking. Using nails to install composite decking is better because the process is easy. It requires driving the nails down the boards until it pins the decking to the joists. The disadvantage of using nails to install wood-plastic decking is that you can split the boards while installing the decking. Splitting the boards will destroy your wood-plastic decking. Aside from that, the edge of the nails will appear on the surface of the decking. This will distort the beautiful surface of wood-plastic composite decking boards. 

Using clips and fasteners are other ways garden owners can install a decking. Clips are attached to the sides of the boards, and then fasteners are used to fix the boards to the joists. The joists of your wood-plastic decking are the substructure of your decking. This substructure lifts your decking above the ground. Aside from that, you will attach the decking boards to the joists. You can use clips and fasteners with grooved wood-plastic composite decking. Grooved boards have hollows or channels on the sides; the hollows run from one board length to the other. You will attach the clips to the hollow and then use the fasteners to screw it down. 

The advantage of using clips is that it helps you achieve a smooth deck surface after building your decking. Most decking owners use screws and nails for their wood-plastic decking. But using screws and nails does not have much aesthetic value because they will appear on the surface of your decking. If you install your patio with clips, the clips and fasteners will be at the side and conceal from the surface. You will be able to use your patio without having to paint the decking to conceal the nail or screw. Another advantage of using clips is that you will walk safely on your plastic wood decking without stumbling. 

How to Install Your Decking with Screw

Installing your decking with screws does not require much effort. You have to lay the joists first before you start building the decking. Prepare the ground for your patio by clearing the area and then ensuring that it is well-landscaped. Remove debris and dirt from the area after you have measured it. The tools garden owners will need for this task is a shovel, rake and measuring tape. Use the shovel to clear wood stumps and dirt, and rake to give the place a good finishing touch. 

After, garden owners should measure they are to determine the number of boards to use. Then dig the holes for the posts and place your posts in them and cover them with cement. After, you should leave the posts to dry, and when they are dry, start attaching planks and complete the substructure of your decking. You should ensure you don’t space your plastic wood decking joists more than 16 inches. Attach the decking boards to the joists. Since you are using a screw, you should predrill it before driving the screws down the boards. 


Do you screw down composite decking boards? Yes, garden owners can screw down plastic wood decking when installing it. Another method of installing wood-plastic decking is by using clips and nails. 

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