Homeowners have always asked if composite fence need maintenance because of the misguided belief that composite materials are maintenance-free.

A composite fence need maintenance like other structural materials. But the kind of maintenance a composite fence need is not the same as that of a wood fence.

Wood fences need laborious maintenance. This is because of the material that they are made of. Wood or timber can swell and rot if exposed to water. 

So, it must be painted properly to avoid this. Also, wood will break or splinter when it is exposed to sunlight.

Another thing is that when you use a wood fence for a long time, the colour will fade.

So, when something like this happens, you will have to paint or stain your wood fence to make it look good.

To sum it, the process of maintaining a wood fence is similar to that of a wood decking.

You have to sand, seal, oil, and paint a wood fence regularly else it will not last long. Composite materials or composite fences don’t need sanding, oiling, sealing, and painting.

All it needs is the normal cleaning that you will give your household material. For example, you have to clean your composite fence if there is dirt on it. 

Does composite fencing need maintenance?

If the fence is badly stained with grease or oil, you can use a hose and a power washer to make it clean. But there are times that you have to maintain your composite fence like a wood fence.

This is when your fence is badly damaged and needs to be repaired to make it functional. It might happen that your composite fence is exposed to fire and gets burnt. 

You might have to paint some part of the fence to restore the colour and make it look good.

Thing That Can Damage Your Composite Fence

It was stated earlier that the composite fence might need maintenance like a wood fence. This kind of maintenance is not something that you have to do regularly, but must be done to restore your composite fence.

Debris and Dirt

Dirt and debris are something that can affect the durability of your fence if not removed on time. It can be mud sticking to your fence. 

When this happens, it will distort the look of the fence. If not removed quickly, it will affect the colour and make it not to look beautiful.

Chalk Marking

Chalk marks are permanent and can spoil the beautiful appearance of your composite fence. 

This can happen when kids use chalk to write things on the fence when they are playing. Or when the homeowner decides to mark a spot in his or her yard by using the fence. 

Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew are things that can damage your composite fence. Although composite materials like composite fences are resistant to mould and mildew, they can still grow on it.

 This can happen when organic matters are left to rot on the fence. When that happens, mould will grow on the spot, and when it does, it will destroy the appearance of the place. 

Also, scratch marks on the body of a composite fence might make it to absorb water. Then, mould will grow on that spot and gradually destroy the fence.

Scratch and Abrasion

Scratching your composite fence with a sharp object is another way of destroying the fence. Scratches are marks drawn on the fence and difficult to remove.

 When this happens, the appearance of the fence will not be good, and the fence might need repainting to restore it.

Oil and Grease

Oil and grease are things that can stain your composite fence. This can happen when oil is poured on the fence or when greasy hands touch the fence.

 One thing about this type of stain is that they stick to the fence and can be difficult to clean.  

Power Washer

Using a power washer on your fence is another thing that can damage the fence. A power washer when used too close to your fence can peel off the colour of your composite fence.


Composite fences are durable but there are times that they might need maintenance. If your composite fence is scratched, also if mould grows on it, and if oil or grease stains it, then you might need to maintain your composite fence.

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