Are you planning to install artificial grass on your lawn? There are plenty of options available for homeowners when they want to install synthetic grass on their property. Homeowners have the option to select any texture they want during purchase. Aside from that, homeowners can select any pile height that is good for their lawn. If you are contemplating replacing artificial grass, you want it to be the perfect replacement for your real grass, don’t you? So, does artificial grass look fake? Or does it look like real carpet grass? This article describes the different types of artificial grass and their surface texture. 

Artificial Grass Vs Real Grass

If you have planted real carpet grass on your lawn, you will know what it looks like. Homeowners that cultivate real grass do it for many reasons. They want the grass to provide a soft surface for them to walk on and for their kids to play on. Aside from that, they want the lushness of the grass to increase the curb appeal of their property. Natural carpet grass does that when you cultivate it on your property. It will not only give you and your kids a soft surface, but it will add beauty to your lawn. But natural carpet grass has its disadvantages. 

One disadvantage of carpet grass is the maintenance. Homeowners have to spend hours using a lawnmower to trim the blades of their carpet grass. Aside from that, property owners must spend their time watering their carpet grass so that it will grow. This makes homeowners switch to artificial grass carpets. One advantage of synthetic turf is that it is easy to maintain. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t need chemicals. Also, synthetic grass doesn’t need water to make it grow. This makes artificial turf eco-friendly and the best landscaping option that saves cash. 

Does Artificial Grass Look Like Real Grass?

Does artificial grass look fake

That depends on the kind of artificial grass you purchase. Most homeowners that purchased artificial turf some years back in the 90s will notice that the turf doesn’t look much like real grass. This is because the surface texture of the grass fades quickly under the sun’s UV rays. Aside from that, the pile height of early artificial grass does not give it the real look of real grass. This makes the first-generation artificial grass look fake. But as technology advances and newer types of artificial grass carpets are produced, we begin to see improvement in the surface texture and pile height of the grass. 

Improvement in Artificial Grass

Recent technological advancements made it possible to produce better artificial grass for garden landscaping. There are few improvements to artificial grass that make it look like real grass, unlike the old turf that looks fake. 

Surface Texture

The surface texture of artificial grass is the visible part of the turf that you see when you install it. The colour and the shape of the blade are part of the surface texture of synthetic turf. Like real grass, most artificial grasses are green. This means that when you install artificial grass on your property, the lush will make it beautiful. This allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of real turf in their synthetic turf. To give artificial grass the look of real grass, engineers improved the colour. They added UV inhibitors to the turf during production so that the colour would not fade quickly. This improvement enables homeowners to enjoy the beautiful green surface texture of artificial grass longer. 

Pile Height

The pile height of the artificial grass you select matters. Shorter blades artificial grass looks like smooth carpet grass. This kind of grass is perfect for football fields and for kids’ playgrounds. If you want your lawn to look like natural carpet grass, you can install shorter blades of grass of between 10 and 20 mm. If you want your lawn to look like freshly cut natural grass, you can install artificial grass with medium blades lengths of between 30 and 40 mm. This grass gives your lawn the look of freshly cut natural grass. With this kind of turf, your neighbours won’t know that you have installed artificial grass. This is because it doesn’t look fake. Longer blades artificial grasses are perfect for any outdoor installation, and they look like real grass. 


Does artificial grass look fake? Modern Artificial grass doesn’t look fake like the old ones. With your artificial turf, you can give your lawn the looks of natural carpet grass. 

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