Installing fake grass is a great option if you want to make your garden attractive. Artificial grass has come a long way, and it is one of the most popular options for garden owners planning to beautify their yard. Homeowners can install fake grass in their kids’ play areas and be certain that it will hold against foot pressure. Also, you can install synthetic turf in a commercial area because it provides more value than real grass. If you own a garden in your backyard, artificial grass is an option if you plan to have grass in it. And it performs well with pets like dogs. But homeowners want to know: Does artificial grass smell with dogs?

Artificial Grass and Dogs

Pets are wonderful to have if you own a garden on your property. They provide a better companion for garden owners to play with and grace the garden with their presence. But at times, pets can be expensive to maintain. If you plant natural grass in your garden, you will know how difficult it is to clean pets’ droppings from it. Aside from that, the grass will develop odour as a result of your pets. Artificial grass solves most of the real grass problems. 

The grass has a high textile strength that makes the blades remain standing when there is a lot of foot traffic. Also, unlike real grass that is difficult to maintain, synthetic grass provides an easy maintenance option for garden owners. But what about having dogs in your garden? Artificial grass and does are compatible. Your dogs can run, jump and play on the soft surface of your fake grass. But when your dog’s faeces is left to decay on the grass, your fake grass can develop a smell. 

Does Artificial Grass Smell with Dogs?

Fake Grass and Smell

One interesting thing about synthetic grass is that it is easy to clean. But there is more to cleaning fake grass than just scrubbing the surface. Garden owners must take proactive steps to remove dog faeces and urine or any other sources of dirt from the surface of their grass if they want it to be clean. If left on the grass, dog urine will develop a powerful odour that can make having fun on your lawn difficult. Also, when garden owners refuse to remove dog faeces from their grass top, the grass will develop a smell around that spot. This shows that fake grass can also develop a smell like real grass when it is not maintained properly. 

Preventing Artificial Grass Smell

Ensure that your artificial grass has good drainage. Good drainage is crucial if you want your grass not to develop a smell. This means that garden owners must properly grade the base of their grass so that urine will run through. Unlike natural grass that does not have good drainage, synthetic grass has better drainage. You should ensure you compact the base of the grass to give way for proper drainage. Aside from that, you can inform your grass installer that you have dogs in your garden so that the installer will know the best option to follow. 

Take Proactive Steps to Clean Your Grass

Aside from ensuring that your fake turf has better drainage, garden owners should take proactive steps to clean their yard. After your dogs’ relief itself on the grass, you should make an effort to remove the droppings. If you discover dog faeces on your fake turf, remove them right away. After removing the dog dropping, you can rinse the spot with a garden hose to remove all traces of the faeces. Garden owners must wash away their dog’s urine after the dog urinates on the fake grass. This process is preventive, and it stops your grass from developing a smell. Remember to add your dog restroom on your artificial grass and to rinse it regularly. 

Use Artificial Grass Cleaner

The best way garden owners can permanently remove urine smell from their fake grass surface is to use a good cleaner. There are lots of fake grass cleaners available for garden owners to use. Garden owners should ensure that they use the best cleaner that will not peel the beautiful surface of their lawn after cleaning. A fake grass cleaner that neutralises and eliminates urine odour is the best option for homeowners to use in their garden.  


Does artificial grass smell with dogs? Fake grass is better with pets like dogs, but when dogs urine or drop faeces on your grass, it can become a problem if garden owners refuse to clean it. Fake grass will eventually develop a smell. 

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