Are you planning to clad your home? There are lots of benefits you will get when you clad your house. But you have to use good and durable material to cover the exterior wall of your property. Several cladding materials exist that homeowners can use to cover their house walls. But few offer durability, aesthetic value, and easy maintenance like composite cladding. That is why homeowners are using plastic wood cladding in their homes. The write-up explains why composite cladding adds more value than wood. 

What Is Composite Cladding?

Composite cladding or plastic wood cladding in an exterior wall covering material that homeowners can protect their house. The function of cladding in a home is to prevent moisture and mould from entering the wall of your house. Composite cladding is made of wood and plastic so that it will have the properties of both materials. As an exterior wall cladding, plastic wood cladding is perfect for outdoor installation because it is durable, strong, easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners hearing about composite cladding for the first time will want to know more about it. 

What Is Wood Cladding?

Unlike composite cladding, wood cladding is not a synthetic material. It is a natural product made from lumber and processed into shape in a factory. And when you have used the lumber cladding for a long time, it will lose its durability. Wood cladding needs chemical treatment to make it last longer. 

Benefits of Composite Cladding

There are several benefits homeowners will derive when they install plastic wood cladding in their homes. You will use your plastic wood cladding for a long time before you have to change it. Aside from that, the beauty of wood-plastic composite adds value to your home. Easy maintenance and resistance to weather elements are other benefits of composite cladding that make it add value to your home.

Composite Cladding Protect Your Home

One reason homeowners install cladding material is that they want to protect the wall of their house. And composite cladding does a better job at that. The cladding material is strong and offers better protection than timber. Plastic wood cladding has a plastic-coated surface that forms a protective shell around the panels. This protective shell prevents moisture from infiltrating your cladding and the wall of your house. That is why composite cladding offers more value when you install it in your house than the wood cladding. Aside from preventing moisture, composite cladding protects your wall from algae and mould. 

Composite Cladding Is More Attractive than Wood

Composite Cladding Add More Value than Wood

Another reason composite cladding adds more value than wood is because of its beautiful colour. The surface of plastic wood cladding is attractive that a potential buyer will prefer a house with composite than wood. Plastic wood cladding does not need painting because the beautiful colour will last long. The UV rays of the sun will not affect your cladding in any way. This makes your wood-plastic cladding stay beautiful all year round. Homeowners have the choice to select composite cladding of any colour. There is grey, black, brown, and anthracite grey composite cladding. Aside from that, there is the wood grain surface texture. This surface texture is preferable for homeowners that want wood texture. 

Composite Cladding Is Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of plastic wood cladding is that you can take care of it with less effort. Since homeowners don’t have to spend much to maintain their cladding, it adds more value than the wood cladding. To maintain lumber cladding, homeowners must sand, paint or stain it. But plastic wood cladding does not need sanding and painting. 

Plastic Wood Cladding Is Resistance to Weather

This is another reason composite cladding adds more value than wood. When you install your cladding on your exterior wall, you can be assured that it will not absorb moisture. Moisture will infiltrate timber cladding and make it swell and rot. Plastic wood cladding has a protective shell on its surface that stops moisture from reaching its core. Heat and cold will not affect wood-plastic cladding like wood. The surface of your composite cladding will not warp, crack, break or splinter because of fluctuating temperature. This makes plastic wood cladding safe for snow. So, composite cladding is the best material that offers protection for your home. 


Does composite cladding add more value than wood? Yes, plastic wood cladding adds more value to a home than the wood cladding. It is durable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing than timber. 

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