A common misconception amongst homeowners is that composite decking attracts rats. The composite material itself does not attract rats, however, a raised decking that has space underneath can create an area that rats can reside in.

Decking situated on the ground will not have this issue but that does not mean that all raised decking will. There are multiple ways you can prevent rats from hiding under your decking which we will explore below. Rats are dangerous and can spread disease and should be either removed or prevented from nesting in your garden.

composite decking will not attract rat

Why Do Rats Reside Under Raised Decking?

Rats can be found in gardens, regardless if you have decking or not. However, they are more likely to stay and hibernate under your decking when provided with the right circumstances. Rats are attracted to food and shelter, so under a decking that is dark and protected with the addition of any waste or food droppings is the perfect environment.

Rodents, particularly in the winter, will look for sheltered spaces to stay out of the cold. Although rats can sometimes be harmless, they can also be dangerous and spread diseases which are harmful to you and your family. They are unhygienic and for sure something you need to avoid attracting or removing. 

How to Prevent Rats from Nesting Under My Decking?

  • Remove Food Sources– If you regularly eat outside or have a BBQ or outdoor kitchen, dropped food can attract rats and become a food source for them. Avoid eating outside where possible or ensure there are no food droppings or leftover food that will attract rats. Especially if you have a raised decking where food might fall between the cracks and drop below the surface. Additionally, birdseed or dog food can also be a source of food for rats so maybe remove your bird feed or feed your dog inside, this will remove the food source will ensure the rats hibernate elsewhere.
  • Good sanitation– Rats are attracted to bad odours, waste and food. Keep your garden clean and rid of any waste to stop rats from hibernating in the space.
  • Add mesh netting around a raised decking– Prevent the rats from entering under your raised decking altogether with a barrier such as mesh netting or wiring. When choosing this option, keep an eye on the netting as some animals can bite into it and create holes for access. 
  • Rat repellents– Leave rat repellents under your decking space to deter the rats from entering. However, please be careful using chemicals or any types of poisons if you have pets or children as this can be highly dangerous to leave out. 
  • Add fencing– If your garden space backs onto a field or wild area, then adding a barrier such as fencing will reduce the chance of animals entering your garden. A resistant and durable fencing material is composite fencing which will not be eaten or compromised by insects or animals due to its plastic composition. 
  • Hire a professional– If all else fails, hiring a professional to remove the rats for you is the best way to do so effectively. 


Rats are not attracted to composite decking however, a raised decking that creates shelter underneath can create the perfect environment for rats to hide in. Follow the methods above to either prevent rats from coming to your garden or remove them if they have already infested your space. 

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