The straight answer is no. Composite decking will not swell like a wood decking. This implies that your composite decking will last longer than wood.

You might be wondering what composite decking is. Plastic-wood decking is also known as composite decking.

It is made of durable materials. Wood-plastic decking does not need to be treated with chemicals like wood decking.

This makes plastic wood decking materials safe to use as a structural material. It has lots of attributes that make it better than wood decking.

Wood-Plastic Decking Doesn’t Swell

One of the many advantages of composite decking is that it will not swell like wood decking. Swelling in decking occurs when the decking material soaks up water to the extent that it increases in size.

This increase in size makes the decking material go out of shape. When this occurs, the decking surface is distorted, and the boards will be removed from the joists. 

Wood decking is not resistant to water, so it absorbs it. When the wood decking boards are soaked with water, the boards will weaken.

This weakened wood decking will not last long and is susceptible to insect attack. Composite decking will not absorb water. So, this infers that plastic-wood materials will not swell.

Also, plastic wood decking will not rot. Aside from rot, plastic wood decking will not break or splinter. To comprehend why composite decking will not absorb water, let’s examine its exterior finish.

The finish referred to here is the exterior of the composite decking boards. Modern composite decking is capped. This means that the decking boards have an extra layer of plastic on its surface.

This additional layer of plastic protects it from water and moisture. In fact, the plastic protects it from elements of weather. That is why composite decking will not swell and rot.

Other Attributes of Plastic-Wood Decking

Wood-Plastic Decking is Durable

Wood-plastic decking is durable for many reasons. First, wood-plastic decking is strong. In fact, it is stronger than wood decking. Also, composite decking will not absorb water.

 This makes the decking board less susceptible to rot and break. Again, composite decking will not be weakened if water is poured on it. This makes your plastic-wood decking to last longer.

You can utilise your composite decking for up to 30 years if properly maintained. This shows that the decking is durable.

Wood-Plastic Decking is Aesthetically Pleasing

Composite decking is attractive. It can be finished in different colours that make the decking beautiful. The surface is well-polished and safe to walk on.

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You can get composite decking of different colours. There are dark and light-coloured plastic-wood decking. Also, you can get grey, brown, red, and oak in colour.

Aside from that, composite decking can be made to look like wood decking. With a wood grain finish and a beautiful texture, the boards can be made to acquire a wood look.

Again, you can mix the colours of the boards to get a beautiful decking. This enables you to be creative with your decking.

Wood-Plastic Decking Requires Low Maintenance 

The maintenance a composite decking requires is different from the one a wood decking required. Wood decking has to be oiled, sealed, stained, and painted to make it last longer.

This must be carried out yearly, else, the decking will not last long. Composite decking only needs sweeping or soft brushing to make it clean. 

Also, removing a stain from composite decking is easy because stains and grease can not penetrate it. A simple scrubbing will take it off the decking surface.

Composite decking saves you money because you won’t spend much to maintain it. Also, you won’t waste your time doing the back-breaking task of cleaning the wood decking.

Wood-plastic decking which is a durable decking material is the best material for you to use when building a decking. It won’t swell because it will not absorb water.

Also, using a plastic wood decking means that you will use it for a long time. Plastic-wood will last longer than other decking types.

 Again, composite decking has a slip-resistant surface that makes walking on it possible.

Plastic wood decking is strong and can withstand the weight of plenty of people standing on it. This implies that you can hold a party on it.


Composite decking will not swell if exposed to water. This implies that it will not rot. Also, plastic-wood decking will last longer than other decking types.

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