Composite decking does not warp like wood decking. It is one of the features of composite decking and why most homeowners love it. 

If you don’t know much about composite decking, don’t worry. What composite decking is will be explained in detail. 

Composite decking or plastic-wood decking is a material that is made with wood fibre and plastics. What it implies is that it is a synthetic decking board.

The wood fibre and plastics are mixed with a binding agent and then heated to form the composite decking board. After, the composite boards are cut into various lengths.

The decking board is then finished in different colours to make it beautiful. 

Advantages of Composite Decking

Easy To Maintain

One aspect of composite decking is that it is easy to maintain. It means that unlike wood decking, you don’t have to sand it. Oiling, painting, and staining your composite decking is not essential.

Wood decking, on the other hand, needs to be painted or stained to make it last longer. Also, the task of maintaining wood decking is not easy. Wood decking is difficult to maintain, and it will consume your time. 

Composite decking is not difficult to maintain, and it will not consume your time. All your composite decking need is the regular sweeping with a broom.


The durability of composite decking is another reason homeowners love it. Plastic-wood decking is made to last longer than wood decking.

So, it implies that you will utilise your plastic-wood decking for a long time. Some plastic-wood decking even has a 30 years warranty.

Also, composite decking is more durable than wood decking. 

Beautiful Finish

Composite decking comes in various colours. There is the red, grey, dark-grey, brown, dark-brown, oak, dark-oak composite surface finish.

outdoor decking that will not warp

 This implies that you can get a beautiful decking surface. If you want the wood look of a wood decking, you can buy a composite decking that has a wood grain finish.

Resistant To Weather Element

Another interesting aspect of plastic-wood decking is that it is resistant to weather. Composite decking will not absorb water.

Also, plastic-wood will not rot like a wood decking. The surface of the composite decking is anti-slip. Even, the decking will not break or splinter when exposed to heat.

Most homeowners have been asking if composite decking will warp when installed in their house. Composite decking will not warp. Also, wood-plastic board will not break.

 What Exactly is Warping?

To comprehend the topic and discern why homeowners ask it, let us consider what warping is.

 Warping is when a wood board developed a deformity. This deformity is as a result of moisture in the wood. So, when a part of a wood board dries faster than the other, it causes a problem. 

The drier part of the wood decking shrinks quickly than the wet part. It, in turn, changes or distorts the shape of the wood board.

So, a wood board that is supposed to be flat and straight is eventually bent and uneven. It makes it difficult for the wood board to be fixed to the joists.

This shrinkage or warping will destroy a decking quickly. Note that warping was made in reference to wood. Wood decking absorbed moisture quickly. 

When you expose the board to water or rain, it absorbs it and swells. Then, the wood decking will dry as a result of a shift in temperature.

When it is dry, its surface will shrink and warp. A warped board needs changing, and that is one of the disadvantages of wood decking.

Will a Plastic-Wood Decking Warp?

No, composite decking will not warp. It is because composite decking doesn’t absorb moisture like a wood decking. 

The surface of composite decking has an extra layer of plastic that protects it. Its plastic covering stops moisture or water from entering the board. 

As a result, composite decking will not warp when it cools down. It makes plastic-wood a much-sorted decking board. 

Also, this makes the composite decking to last longer when properly installed. Remember that composite decking will not break or splinter like wood decking.

An excellent composite decking can be achieved when the boards are installed the right way. So, be sure to follow the proper technique when installing your board.


Composite decking, unlike wood decking, will not warp when installed and used for a long time. It is because composite decking will not absorb moisture when exposed to it.

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