Composite fencing does not warp like a wood fence when you build them. This feature is not peculiar to a composite fence alone. All composite material will not swell and warp when you install them in your yard.

Why will a composite fence not warp like wood? To settle the question, let us consider what makes up a composite fence.

Composite fence or plastic wood fence is a durable fencing material that can withstand elements of weather. It is because they consist of wood fibre and plastic.

The makers of composite fences mixed the wood fibre and plastic in a factory with an adhesive and then heated it to form the composite fencing panel. 

Plastic wood fences contain plastic which gives it an extra layer of protection against the elements of nature. It is one reason composite fence colour will not fade like a wood fence. Also, the plastic protects it from water.

So, what this means is that the composite fence will not absorb water. If rainfall on your composite fence, it will not absorb the rainwater. 

Why Composite Fence Will Not Warp

Note that structural materials do warp when they absorb water and expand. After the material has dried, it will contract. The expansion and contraction of structural materials will distort their surface.

Warping is a condition of being twirl or bent out of shape. What this implies is that when a wood fence warps, the body will be distorted.

 You can observe warping when you look at the surface of a wood fence that has been installed for a long time. Since a composite fence doesn’t absorb water like wood, it will not expand and contract. If it does not expand and contract, then it will not warp.

Warping can also occur when there is a fluctuating temperature. Fluctuating temperature causes expansion and contraction, which will make fencing materials to warp.

 Wood fences are not resistant to elements of nature so they will warp or break when exposed to it. Composite fences are resistant to elements of nature which include rapid change in temperature. What this implies is that the composite fence will expand a little.

It is not like wood material that expands and cracks. This little expansion can be taken care of by leaving enough space between the boards to accommodate growth and contraction. 

But what if a homeowner installs composite fences improperly. If a homeowner installs composite fences improperly, the fence can get damaged or warped. Note that this condition is different from the ones we describe above.

 All structural materials must be installed by experts and must abide by best practice. Not leaving enough space between composite materials can distort the surface. Composite fencing has other benefits that make them useful.

Composite Fence Will Not Swell

Since composite fences will not absorb water like wood fences, it will not swell. Swelling in fences or structural material is bad because it makes the material rot quickly. The plastic layer of composite fence prevents moisture from infiltrating the wall.

Plastic Wood Fence Requires Little Upkeep 

Plastic wood fencing requires little upkeep or maintenance. What this implies is that it is unlike wood fences that need sanding, staining, sealing and oiling to make it last longer.

All you should do is to give it a good cleaning if you spot dirt like mud on it. You can use a power washer for the task but ensure that you don’t bring it too close to the surface of your fence.

Composite Fence Is Durable

Plastic wood fences are durable because they are strong. The materials makers of composite fence use to make it is what makes it strong. Depending on the grade of composite fence that you purchase, your fence can last for up to 15 years. 

 Plastic Wood Fence Is Beautiful

Another good side of a plastic wood fence is that it is beautiful. It is because makers of composite fences finish it in different colours.

Does Composite Fencing Warp?

There is the grey, anthracite grey, brown, oak, and dark-oak composite fence. These colours will match that of any objects in your yard perfectly.


Composite fencing will not warp like a wood fence when you expose it to elements of nature. You have to install your fencing correctly and follow the best practice to make it last longer.

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