Lawn upkeep is a must if you want your artificial grass to stay attractive all year round. But the way you maintain your lawn matters. If you have installed a real lawn, you will know that maintaining it is difficult. And then, a fake lawn was developed to replace the real one. Synthetic lawns need maintenance. But the good news about artificial grass is that it is easy to maintain. This means no need to spray the turf with chemicals or water the leaves to make it green or trim the blades to make it look good.

This write-up answers the question, does my artificial lawn need maintenance? It also explains how to maintain your fake grass. 

What Does It Mean to Maintain a Grass?

Maintaining your grass is the key to making it last longer. This is true if you install natural grass in your garden. Aside from trimming the blade of real grass, garden owners must spray the turf with water to make it green. And if your grass is green, diseases and pests can destroy it. This means that homeowners must use herbicides and pesticides to eliminate real grass diseases and pests. This signifies that maintaining real grass is stressful and time-consuming. Aside from that, garden owners will also spend cash to care for their synthetic turf. 

As if that is not enough, garden owners must also replant their natural grass if they want to enjoy the turf for a long time. Since natural grass performs poorly in areas with high foot traffic, homeowners will have to replant constantly. That is what it takes for garden owners to maintain real grass. Artificial grass maintenance is quite different from that. Note that, unlike natural grass, which must be maintained to make it last longer, the aim of maintaining artificial grass is to make it look attractive.

We will compare real grass maintenance with artificial lawn maintenance in subsequent headings. 

How to Maintain Artificial Lawn

Does My Artificial Lawn Need Maintenance?

The way garden owners should maintain their grass depends on how they use it. Garden owners that use their artificial lawns for outdoor activities like dining and having parties should expect food droppings on the grass. Garden owners who also have trees in the same yard where they install their artificial lawn should expect to find leaves. So, cleaning your grass of leave will be different from cleaning it from food droppings. Pet droppings can also make the surface of your lawn less attractive and let mould and mildew grow on it. Aside from that, your fake grass can develop odour because of pet dropping. 

Cleaning Food from Your Artificial Lawn Surface

One advantage of an artificial lawn is that garden owners can have their outdoor activities on it. Outdoor activities can be a party, eating with your family or relaxing on your grass while barbecuing. When homeowners do these outdoor activities, they should expect to leave dirt on the artificial lawn. So to clean your fake lawn or food droppings, it is crucial to sweep the surface regularly. Regularly sweeping your fake grass will remove food leftovers and prevent it from decaying.

Cleaning Leaves from Your Artificial Lawn Surface 

Garden owners who plant trees in the same back garden as their artificial lawn should expect to find leaves on the surface. That is why removing leaves is crucial to making the top of your fake grass attractive. Aside from that, cleaning leaves on time will prevent decay. If organic materials decay on your artificial lawn surface, it can make mould and mildew grow on the surface. Homeowners can get a rake or a broom to sweep the top of their fake grass to remove leaves and twigs. 

Clean Pet Droppings from Your Artificial Lawn Surface

Garden owners that have pets should expect to see droppings on their grass surfaces. The best way to keep your artificial lawn free of pet droppings is to pack them immediately. Homeowners can use a broom and a pan to remove droppings from their turf. Cleaning pet droppings will prevent mould from growing on your lawn surface. 

Wash Your Artificial Lawn to Prevent Odour Build-up

Garden owners must wash the surface of their artificial lawn to prevent odour build-up if they suspect that their pets urinate on it. 


Does my artificial lawn need maintenance?

Yes, homeowners must maintain their fake grass to make it look attractive. Fake grass is easy to maintain and does not require chemical treatment, mowing or watering. 

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