Plastic decking is unlike wood decking that will become too hot during summer. When the weather is hot, your plastic decking will become hot but not to the point that you cannot carry out your outdoor activities on it. But there are ways you can keep your composite decking surface cool during summer. We have explained how you can keep the top of your plastic decking cool in this write-up. 

How to Keep Your Plastic Decking from Becoming Hot

Preventing your composite decking from becoming hot is easy. You can install a plastic decking that has a plastic-coated surface that reflects the ray of the sun. Also, you can build a pergola to prevent the rays of the sun from reaching your decking surface. Aside from that, you can place rugs on your plastic decking on the spots that you will stand or sit.

Install the Right Composite Decking

One way to keep your plastic decking from getting hot is to install the right decking material. Plastic decking boards come in different colours. There is the light-coloured and dark-coloured decking. Each of these colours has its advantages. 

Light-coloured plastic decking reflects the ray of the sun entirely. And also, light-coloured composite decking will not absorb the hot ray of the sun. So, this means that decking with light pigment will not get hot quickly. Dark-coloured plastic decking absorbs sunlight and becomes hot quickly. It is because dark-coloured composite decking does not reflect the rays of sunlight. 

This implies that dark-coloured composite decking like dark-brown, dark- grey, black, and dark-oak will readily absorb heat and become hot. So, if you dwell in a hot area and you want to install decking, you shouldn’t use dark-coloured plastic decking boards. The best materials to use to build your decking, in this case, are light-coloured composite or plastic decking boards.

 Grey, brown, green, and any other colour that is not dark is good for the hot summer region. If you stay in a cool area, you can build your decking with either light-coloured or dark-coloured composite or plastic decking boards. 

Build a Pergola to Keep Your Composite Decking from Getting Hot.

build a pergola on your plastic decking

A pergola is a wooden structure that you can build over a decking. This kind of shade does not have sides because the sides are open. It consists of posts fixed at all corners of your decking or the ground. Once you have attached the posts, you can build the roof frame on the top of the pergola. This simple structure will keep your plastic decking from getting hot by preventing the sun from reaching the surface. 

Although a pergola does not have a close roof, you can put something on top of it when the summer sun is getting hot. Some homeowners have used cloth or other fabric to cover the top of their pergola. The way you build a pergola is easy. If you want to attach the posts that will support your pergola to your decking, you will need to screw them to the frame or the substructure.

 Do not attach the pergola posts to your plastic wood decking boards because the heavy wind will pull or the frame and the pergola will collapse. After securing your pergola posts to the structure of your decking, you can then build the roof frame. Ensure that you use treated timber for the posts and roof frame not to get damaged quickly. 

Also, ensure that the roof frame of your pergola is not too heavy so that it will not collapse under its weight. When you have finished building your pergola, you can cover the top with a large cloth when the summer sun is hot. This will guarantee that you carry out your outdoor activities on your plastic decking during the summer heat.

Place a Rug on Your Composite Decking

A rug will not get hot when the sun rays reach its surface. So, if you stay in a hot place or region, you can place a rug on your plastic decking surface to prevent it from becoming hot. But the problem with rugs is that it will cover the beautiful surface texture of your composite decking. 

Plastic decking has an attractive surface texture that makes it appealing, and this is one reason homeowners are installing it. So, to ensure that your rug will not cover the stunning top of your decking, you should use a small rug for the spot that you will stand on.


Does plastic decking get hot? Plastic decking will become hot if you dwell in a hot summer region. But it will not become as hot as wood decking. You can make the surface of your decking cool by installing light-coloured plastic decking.

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