At Composite Warehouse we understand the importance of having your space look its best so you can feel your best in it. Although high-quality composite decking is sure to greatly enhance your garden’s aesthetic, you may also want to know the different ways you can decorate your decking to reach its full potential.

There are many ways to decorate your composite decking, whether you are a DIYer, on a budget or just simply interested in how to boost your exterior design.

Ways to Decorate Your Garden

Pops of Colour

To make your garden stand out from the crowd, why not add some colour to the mix? Even if you are someone who prefers a minimal, neutral design palette you can still add pops of colour in similar shades to your exterior designs to retain a cohesive aesthetic to the area.

Stick to the same undertones such as warm or cool, for example, if you have beiges and cream colours in your existing environment then keep to the warmer colours such as pops of warm reds or oranges to help the transitions of colours flow whilst still creating a more eye-catching and interesting appearance to look at. 

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Focus Features

To upgrade your exterior space to the next level, add stand-out focus features that will not only improve the aesthetic value of your area but will ensure you utilise the space more often. Focus features are a great way to bring attention to specific areas within your space, especially if you have a smaller area and want to it to its full potential.

Focus features can be a firepit or a seating area for entertainment or even a more high-end option such as a hot tub. However, focus features do not have to break the bank and can be as simple as a water feature such as a fountain or bird bath.

Vary Textures

When planning your interior or exterior designs, it is always a good idea to mix your textures to add depth to the space and make the area feel less one-dimensional. This method is especially effective if your garden is minimal in colour and is quite flat in terms of colour tones; as adding various textures, even if they are the same colour, will make the appearance more visually eye-catching.

An example of this in your garden could be mixing wooden features with brick to provide both a traditional and natural aesthetic with a touch of a rustic feel. Test and try different materials in your garden to see what works best for your space and what matches your tastes.

Cohesive Interior-to-Exterior Design 

When designing your garden, be sure to create a cohesive colour scheme through from one space to another, for a smooth transition that is visually appealing. The idea is to provide a constant flow from your interior to your exterior to provide the indoor-outdoor living feel. This method will also create the illusion of a larger living space, so, if you have a smaller space to work with try this design technique!

A cohesive colour scheme doesn’t have to mean choosing the same colours throughout but just sticking to similar shades, tones and hues to ensure the colours blend together and complement the surrounding landscape. Mix different shades of the same colour or stick to similar cool or warm tones that will go with your interior design without being identical. 

Create the Illusion of a Larger Space With Mirrors

A fun way to make your garden stand out from the crowd is the unique design of adding mirrors outside to create the illusion of a larger area. There are many different shapes, sizes and styles of mirrors to choose from to provide the appearance you are going for and match every homeowner’s tastes.

This is also a great way to add décor to existing walls or fences that are bare. Another addition which will open up the space and brighten up your garden is adding lighting. There are many different styles of lighting on the market to choose from to suit all different environments, for example hanging fairy lights for a more homely, cosy feel or wall lights for a more modern appearance. 

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There are many ways you can enhance your garden with simple décor or more extravagant options depending on your budget. Research around for different styles and colour schemes to decide what will work best for your space and get creative with it! Doing up your exterior space doesn’t have to be a significantly expensive project as there are many DIY options available.


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