There are indeed different decking material available in the market. But what is confusing about the different decking materials available for sale is that their makers advertise them as durable decking materials. This can be complicated if you are new to outdoor decking and want to floor your outdoor space. This write-up addresses how you can tell the most durable decking material. 

Type of Outdoor Decking Material

There are several types of outdoor flooring material available in the market. Wood decking is one type of outdoor decking material. Another type of outdoor decking material is composite decking. Aside from wood and composite decking, there is PVC decking. The three decking materials we mentioned have different material composition.  

Wood decking material composition is wood fibre. Makers of wood decking usually add chemicals to softwood to make it firm. But if they use hardwood for the timber decking, then there will be no need to add chemicals. Unlike the other two decking type, wood decking does not contain any synthetic material. 

Another kind of outdoor decking is composite decking. The material makes up of composite outdoor decking is recycled wood and plastic. Makers of composite decking will process the recycled wood and plastic in a factory where they mix them with a bonding agent. After the mixing, then they will cut the composite decking into composite boards. 

Plastic decking is like composite decking because it is made of synthetic material. But unlike composite decking, plastic decking does not contain any wood. It contains only PVC, and they process it in a factory and make it strong or durable. Note that composite decking is sometimes referred to as plastic wood decking. This is because of its plastic wood combination. But don’t confuse plastic wood decking with plastic decking because plastic does not contain wood.

Analysing the Durability of the Different Decking Material

We mention before that maker of the different decking materials advertised their products as durable. This will confuse newcomers in the decking industry. For example, wood decking makers will advertise wood as durable. Composite decking maker will also promote composite decking as a durable decking material. The same goes for plastic decking. 

To tell the most durable decking material, we have to look at their material composition to understand how best they resist weather and insect. Note that a decking material that resists weather and insects will last longer than those that can’t. 

Wood Decking Material

Wood decking is durable but not as durable as composite decking and plastic decking. When you build your decking with timber, it will last for about 15 years. If you think 15 years is long, consider composite decking 25 years warranty. Wood decking will not last long because it will not resist weather or insects like composite decking or plastic. 

Termites, for example, will attack timber decking because wood fibre is food for them. Although timber decking is treated with chemicals, they will eventually lose their durability as you use them. Aside from termites, the weather will destroy your wood decking after you have used them for years.

 If rainwater got to the top of your timber decking, it will absorb moisture and swell. Eventually, wood decking will rot. Aside from rot, wood decking will splinter or break. These are the reasons wood decking is not as durable as composite decking and plastic decking.

Composite Decking Material

durable decking

Termites will not eat or attack your composite decking the way they will attack timber. This is because composite decking is a synthetic material, and the wood part is not exposed to the surface. Since composite decking is plastic coated and termites cannot eat plastic, then, termites will not attack it.

Weather elements will not destroy composite decking quickly like timber decking. This is because of the improved and well-engineered surface of plastic wood decking. If rainwater drops on the surface of your plastic wood decking, it will roll-off. So, this implies that plastic wood decking will not swell like timber decking. 

Aside from that, when the weather or temperature changes, it will not affect composite decking. This makes plastic wood decking not to splinter, warp, or crack like timber decking. And it also makes composite decking perfect for outdoor flooring.

Plastic Decking Material

Plastic decking durability is similar to composite decking. When you install plastic decking, you will use it for about 20 years. This is because plastic decking will not break, splinter, crack, or warp like wood decking.


How can I tell the most durable decking material? To tell the most durable decking material, you must consider the material composition and the life span. Also, you have to consider how they resist weather and insects.

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