Composite decking boards have been gaining popularity in recent years. Thanks to its durability, aesthetic value, easy maintenance, and high weather resistance. Homeowners that appreciate the value of composite lumber are using it for their outdoor flooring project. While some homeowners are on board regarding using composite lumber, other homeowners are just warming up. This second group of homeowners still don’t know much about the features and benefits of composite lumber decking. If you are a homeowner and don’t know much about the benefits of composite decking, you are not alone. We have prepared this write-up to let you know how composite lumber compares to wood. Enjoy!

Features and Benefits of Composite Lumber

Easy Maintenance of Composite Lumber

The number one feature homeowners search for when installing decking is how to maintain it. Homeowners are always busy, and they don’t have the time to spend hours cleaning their outdoor decking. If you are a decking owner, you probably know how difficult it is to clean timber decking. Aside from scrubbing, you have to sand timber decking to prepare it for painting.

 Also, when you have painted or stained your timber decking, you must seal the surface or top with a good sealer. This wood decking maintenance process is tedious and will consume your cash. That is why timber decking owners are looking for an alternative to wood. Then composite lumber enters the decking scene and beats the competition. Cleaning the surface of composite lumber is easy and does not require much stress.

With a hand broom or a cloth, you can make the surface of your composite lumber attractive. No need to seal the surface of composite lumber because the top is impervious to moisture. Also, no need to sand the top of composite lumber because you don’t have to paint it. When you compare composite lumber maintenance to timber, you will realise that composite decking beat wood decking.

Aesthetic Value of Composite Lumber

how composite lumber compare to timber

The aesthetic value of composite lumber is another thing worth comparing. Are you looking for an attractive decking material? Then composite lumber is the right decking to use. Composite lumber has a high aesthetic value when you compare it to wood. If you desire to construct a modern garden, composite decking is the best material for the task. The colours of composite lumber are many and gives decking owners a choice to select any surface pigment that they want.

You can select brown, grey, black, and oak coloured composite lumber. Using composite lumber to build your decking will enable you to enjoy the beauty for a long time. It is because composite lumber surface pigment will not fade quickly after installing it in your yard. When you compare timber, you will realise that it has only the traditional wood look. To change the timber decking colour, you have to paint or stain it. 

Remember that composite lumber comes with beautiful colors that do not need painting and staining. Painting timber decking will require that you paint it repeatedly. It is because the paint on the wood decking surface will fade quickly when you expose it to the sun. 

The Durability of Composite Lumber

The durability of composite lumber is something every composite decking owner should be proud of and what timber decking owners should envy. Composite decking is durable and will last longer than timber and plastic decking. To assess the durability of composite decking, you have to consider the material composition.

 Engineers make composite lumber with wood and plastic leftovers. The wood and plastic are called constituents, and they are processed in a factory till they form composite lumber. This finished composite lumber is stronger and better than timber. It is because it will resist the elements of weather and insects better than any other decking type.

Resistance of Composite Lumber

For a decking to last longer, it must resist the elements of weather. Wood decking is not resistant to most elements of weather like rain and high temperature. Composite lumber is built tough and resistant to the elements. Rain or water will not affect composite lumber because the surface is water-resistant. Also, sunlight will not fade the colour of composite lumber, making it a decking worth installing anywhere. 


To discern how composite lumber compares to wood, you have to consider the features. Composite lumber is durable, easy to maintain, has aesthetic value, and resistant to the elements. 

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