Adding a beautiful composite decking to your garden will go a long way to enhance the appearance. Also, an attractive composite decking will enable homeowners to relax on their plastic wood decking. But relaxing on your composite decking in the summer months can be difficult if the overhead sun scorches the skin. One way homeowners can prevent the sun from reaching the surface of their plastic wood decking is by building a pergola. A pergola, like composite decking, will add beauty to your home and prevent the sun from reaching your decking. For homeowners that have the appropriate skills, it is easy to build a pergola. So, how do I build a pergola on composite decking?

Why You Need a Pergola on Your Decking

Composite decking is good for installation all year round. The surface is well protected against the elements, and the decking will not get damaged easily. But when the heat of the summer heat reaches the top of your plastic wood decking, things on the decking can go wrong. Your plastic wood decking surface can become hot to the extent that walking on it will be difficult. To solve the problem, homeowners must build a pergola on their wood-plastic decking. 

Building a Pergola on Your Composite Decking

The first step homeowners should take when building a pergola on their decking is to make preparations. 

Things You Need for Your Pergola

There are tools and equipment to build your pergola on your plastic wood decking successfully.

  • Protective equipment like hand gloves and protective glasses.
  • Registering your new structure if required by your local municipality.
  • Tools like a hammer, saw, measuring tapes, marker and string.
  • Screws or nails that you will use to attach the pergola.
  • Posts that will serve as the pillars and frame for the roof of the pergola.

Before you commence constructing your pergola, you have to register the structure. Most local municipalities require homeowners to inform them before they add any structure to their homes. If you plan to attach your pergola to your house, you should ask if you need a permit. Aside from that, you need to get the posts that you will use for the frame of the pergola. While most homeowners can use wooden posts to build their pergola posts, others can use aluminium. If you are constructing your pergola from scratch, you can get the posts and frames. 

Some pergola manufacturers make ready install pergola—using this kind of tool to make your pergola will reduce your workload. You can easily purchase steel pergola hardware from those manufacturers. To successfully install your pergola on your decking, you must know how to use carpentry tools. One carpenter tool that is required is a saw. Since you are building the pergola on composite decking, you must cut the place you will fix the pergola posts with the saw. Aside from the saw, you need a hammer or hand drill to drive in screws or push in nails. 

Building a pergola on composite decking

Fixing the Pergola to Your Composite Decking

After preparing all you need to build your pergola, you can fix the pergola to your composite decking. 

Step One – Install the Posts of the Pergola

You must install the pergola posts and ensure that you fixed them firmly to the decking below. There are different types of composite patios. If your plastic wood decking is flushed and you installed it in the open space in your garden, your pergola will have four posts. But if you attach the pergola to your house, it will need two posts. This is possible if your composite decking is flushed with your home. 

To install the posts, you have to ensure you attach them to the frame or substructure of the decking and not the composite boards. Heavy wind can blow your pergola away if you connect it to the boards. Use your screws or nail to fix the posts to the composite decking. Depending on whether your decking is flushed or close to your house, you might have to tighten two or four pillars of the frame.

Step Two – Attach the Pergola Roof Frame

There are some premade pergola roof shades that homeowners can use. But if you prefer to bud your pergola style, you can attach the frame for the roof to the posts. For pergolas that are close to a house, you have to connect the roof frame to the wall of your home and screw it down. Attach planks to the posts until you have made the roof, but don’t cover the top of the pergola. Most pergolas have exposed roofs that homeowners cover when the sun is hot.


How do I build a pergola on composite decking? Prepare the decking, attach the posts and fix the roof frame of your pergola.

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