Building your composite decking yourself is easy if you know how to, and if you understand what is involved in building a decking.

First, you have to know if you are capable of building your composite decking.

Building a decking yourself starts with knowing the right types of composite boards to use for the project. You should know that there are the grooved and the ungrooved boards. 

Each is installed differently and requires different clips and fasteners to fit. If you want surface installation, then you should use ungrooved boards.

Also, if you want hidden installation, use grooved boards. You must know the right amount of space to leave between the boards and the right amount of space between the joists.

When satisfied that you know the theory part, you can proceed to the practical aspect of building your decking. 

Step One – Prepare the Location  

Preparing the place you will build composite decking is the first thing to do when you want to erect one.

You have to clear the spot and make sure that it is free of debris and grasses. Also, if the location is not levelled, you have to do some landscaping. 

When you have cleared the location, you should measure it and mark where you will put the posts with wooden pegs.

Then, you can dig the holes you will put the posts in. Note that the post will serve as the foundation for your decking.

Step Two – Get All the Materials

A checklist of all materials that you need to build your decking is very crucial. It would help if you had a drilling machine, a saw to cut the decking boards, a measuring tape, a spade, and some pegs.

Also, you need to get a good supply of composite decking. Note that the supply of composite decking you get depends on whether you want to use hidden installation or surface installation.

Step Three – Build the Base

The base of your composite decking should be strong and must be built with care. You can erect your composite decking on the grass, or you can erect an elevated decking.

A decking laid on grass requires a ground-level base built with treated joists. The base should be laid on concrete or posts sunk deep into the ground.

You will need a drill and screws to attach the frame to the posts or concrete base. If you desire an elevated decking, then your posts will be high from the surface of the ground. 

Step Four – Build the Joists

After building the base on which you will arrange the joists, the next thing to do is to build the beams. This is what you will lay the composite decking on. 

It would help if you built the joists with treated wood or composite boards. This will make the frame to last as long as your composite decking.

To build the joist, you should first construct the outer boards and then put the inner boards. The internal board should be arranged so that they will intersect.

Note that the space between the boards should not be more than 16 inches (ca. 41 centimetres). What this implies is that the space between two boards must be 16 inches (40.64 centimetres) or below.

This is for safety reasons and to prevent the composite decking from caving in when people stand on it.

Step Five – Arrange the Boards

When the joist is ready, the next thing to do is to arrange the composite decking boards on the joists. You can start from the side of a wall or your house if the decking is close to it. 

how to build your outdoor decking

Note that others will advise you to start from the edges of your decking instead of your house. Anywhere you start is good, but it is advisable to start from the sides of your house.

You should start installing the boards with the starter clips and then install the remaining boards with T-clips. 

If you are using ungrooved composite decking, you can use screws. The screws should be driven down the boards with a Drill machine.  

Use your saw to cut the boards if you have to.

Step Six – Cover the Edges

After installing the boards, you should cover the edges of your decking with trim. It will ensure that the side of the decking remains beautiful. 


Building your composite decking yourself is easy if you follow the steps explained in this article.

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