Homeowners can install their composite fences if they have the skills and time. But in truth, installing a fence is not easy. This is because homeowners have to plan the fence, get the right permits, purchase all the materials needed to build it and construct it. If you are not skilled enough, you will find it hard to build your composite fencing. You can always hire a fencing installer for the task. But if homeowners are skilled, building a fence will not be difficult. This write-up answers the enquiry, how do I build my fence with composite?  

Why Composite Fencing Is the Best Material to Build Your Fence With

There are several fencing materials out there, but composite fencing is one of the best. Homeowners are using composite wood fencing for various reasons. Plastic wood fencing is durable and easy to maintain. Aside from that, wood-plastic fencing is aesthetically pleasing after you have installed it. Weather elements will not destroy wood-plastic fencing like lumber fencing. And the lifespan of wood-plastic composite is high. 

This means that homeowners will enjoy their plastic wood fencing for a long time. And since maintaining composite fencing is easy, homeowners will spend less on their fences and save more. Those are reasons composite fencing is the best material you can use to build a fence. If you have decided to go for composite fencing, you have to plan how to install it. Installing the fence will be easy for someone that have the right skills. But if you don’t have much fencing installation skills, you can continue reading this write-up to gain more. 

Homeowners should remember that even when they have the skills, they still need time to build their fences. You might have to ask your buddies or neighbour to help you with the task if possible. Or, to make it easier and faster, you can hire an installer. But if you choose to build your fence yourself, go ahead, continue reading this write-up.

What You Need to Build Your Composite Fencing

To build your plastic wood fencing, you have to get all the tools and materials you need. Homeowners must purchase the fencing panels from a supplier. Ensure that you purchase composite panels that have a plastic coating on the surface that prevents moisture absorption. After getting the panels, you should get the tools you need to build your fence. You will need a digger, shovel and a wheelbarrow. 

The digger will come in handy when you want to dig the holes; you will fix the posts of your fence. You will use the shovel to clear the area of dirt, soil and tree roots. The wheelbarrow will assist you in moving dirt away from where you want to install the fence. You will need a tape measure to enable you to know the length and breadth of your property. Also, you need posts that will serve as the pillars for your fence. 

Since you might have to cut your composite fencing panels, you will need a saw for the task. Aside from that, it would help if you had pegs and rope to help you measure and mark the place you will install the fence. You can use screws or clips to install your wood-plastic fencing material, so you should get them ready. 

Building Your Composite Fencing

Build a fence with composite

Plan the Fence

The first step to building your composite fence is planning. You must plan your wood-plastic fence to know the kind of fence you require. Do you want a complete privacy fence that will prevent prying eyes from your property? If that is what homeowners want, then a high fence with no space between the panels will do. But if homeowners want a simple demarcation with their fence, then a semi-privacy fence is the right solution. You should inspect your property before installing the fence to know where to fix it. And ensure you build your fence on your property and not your neighbour’s. 

Prepare the Ground

Preparing the ground you will build your fence mean clearing it of anything that can prevent building the fence. You have to remove tree roots, dirt or soil from the place. After, it would help if you dug holes where you will fix the posts. Cover the holes with cement and fix the poles you will attach your fence panels to. 

Attach the Composite Fencing Panels

You have to attach the fencing panels to the posts and secure them with your clips and fasteners. Do that until you have finished building your wood-plastic fence. 


How do I build my fence with composite? You should plan your fence, get all the materials, and clear the ground you will build the fence. After, you should prepare the ground and fix the posts and panels. 

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