Choosing the right artificial grass means buying a turf that offers value for the money. As with other outdoor flooring materials, different kinds of artificial grass are available for sale. Each grass varies in colour, pile height, weight and texture. This gives UK homeowners a choice to select any grass they want. But if you are seeking the best artificial turf for your garden and are new to it, you might have a hard time choosing the right one. This write-up answers the question, how do I choose the right artificial grass carpet in the UK? 

What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is an outdoor flooring material that UK homeowners can use to make their lawn beautiful. This turf is the perfect replacement for natural grass, and it is becoming popular by the day. Unlike real grass that must be planted and maintained to grow, artificial grass carpet is made of synthetic materials like polyethene or nylon. 

Why Use Artificial Grass in the UK? 

There are several benefits UK homeowners can derive when they install artificial turf on their lawn. One is that the beauty of artificial grass will make their property attractive, and another is that artificial turf is easy to maintain. 

  • Artificial grass carpet has a beautiful surface texture that makes it attractive. The green lush of synthetic grass makes it looks like real turf. This makes it a perfect landscaping material like natural grass. Another benefit of the beauty of artificial turf is that it does not fade. The lush of synthetic grass will last all year round. This means that without watering your grass, synthetic turf will remain green. Uk homeowners can select green or dark green artificial turf when installing it in their garden.  
  • Artificial grass carpet is easy to maintain. UK homeowners that plant carpet grass in their property will know how hard it is to maintain the turf. They have to trim the grass regularly with a lawnmower. Aside from trimming artificial turf, they have to spray the grass with chemicals to prevent disease and pests. Watering natural grass is crucial if the turf will last long. Synthetic turf does not need watering to make it look green. 
  • Synthetic turf can resist foot traffic and stress. This is another benefit of installing the grass. When you plan real carpet grass in your garden, foot traffic can make it wither or turn brown. But when you install synthetic turf in your lawn, your kids and pet can play or walk on the turf, and it will not wither or wear out. 

Choosing the Right Artificial Grass

how to choose artificial grass in the Uk

When choosing the right artificial turf to install on your lawn in your UK home, there are several things to consider. 

Consider Your Budget

Your budget is the amount you will spend to install artificial grass carpets in your home. The amount you plan to spend can affect the quality of artificial turf you want to buy and the size of the turf. UK homeowners that are low on budget can go for low-grade synthetic grass. Although this turf will last, it will not last as long as the top-grade artificial turf. The size of the place you will install the turf can be affected by your budget. A large budget can mean installing the turf in a large area. 

Consider the Texture of the Grass 

There are several artificial grass textures available that UK homeowners can select. Synthetic grass comes in different pile heights. You can select short grass with a pile height of 20 mm and 30 mm. This turf looks like natural carpet grass and offers a neat appearance after installation. Longer pile heights are between 35 mm and 45 mm. This grass has long blades and offers a lush look when you install it in your backyard. 

Consider How You Will Use the Grass

The different pile heights have their uses. Longer blades artificial grass is the best option to create a lush garden in your UK property. This kind of grass provides a natural look of trimmed grass on your lawn. But longer blades artificial grass will not resist foot traffic like shorter blades grass. So, install short blade grass in your children’s playgrounds, pet areas, or commercial settings.  


How do I choose the right artificial grass carpet in the UK? To select the right artificial grass carpet, you have to consider the texture, budget, and use. Install shorter grass blades in places with high foot traffic and longer grass blades in places with low foot traffic. 

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