Laying artificial grass in your garden will increase its curb appeal and raise its value. Garden owners have the option of selecting different kinds of artificial grass. If you are new to installing fake grass in your garden, you might have a hard time choosing the right one. This write-up answers the question, how do I choose artificial grass in the UK? It helps homeowners to know what to search for when selecting a turf for their backyard flooring. 

Why Choose Artificial Grass over Natural Grass?

There are several reasons homeowners should select artificial carpet grass over real turf. 

Artificial Grass Is Easy to Maintain

One reason garden owners should select fake grass is that it is easy to maintain. With little effort, homeowners can keep their grass clean and beautiful. After installing synthetic grass, there will be no messy mud on the surface of your lawn after rain. Also, there will be no need for garden owners to spray the turf with chemicals to prevent pests and diseases. Another reason homeowners should install artificial turf is because it doesn’t need water to stay green all year round. Unlike real turf that must be water to prevent withering, synthetic turf is easy to maintain. Natural turf needs trimming with a lawnmower to make it look good. But when you install artificial turf, you don’t have to trim the blades. 

Artificial Grass Has a Great Aesthetic Value

Fake grass no longer looks fake. The early generation artificial grass does not look like real grass. Then, it was easy for garden owners to tell the difference between it and natural turf. Modern synthetic grass has the same looks as natural turf. The blades have beautiful green, lush like a real lawn. The advantage of artificial grass is that the green lush will last for a long time. Real turf will eventually turn brown due to a lack of water or nutrients in the soil. But fake grass won’t. Garden owners will be able to enjoy the aesthetic of fake grass for a long time. 

Artificial Grass Will Last Longer

Another reason garden owners should choose artificial grass is that it will last longer. And the good thing about fake turf is that it lasts longer with little maintenance. Synthetic turf will last for up to 10 years. Some artificial carpet grass brands will even last longer than that. This makes choosing artificial grass worth the effort. 

Choosing the Right Artificial Grass – What to Consider

Consider Your Budget

How much do you plan to spend installing your artificial grass? If you plan to invest lots of cash to install your fake grass, you can go for the best brands. Aside from that, whether you hire an installer will affect your budget. Homeowners with a large budget can hire an installer to help them lay their turf. But if your budget is low, you can consider laying your turf yourself. The size of your garden also determines the amount you will spend to install artificial turf. If your lawn is small, then you will spend less to purchase the grass. 

Consider the Type of Grass

To select the right type of grass, you have to look at the pile height. Fake grass comes in different heights, depending on what garden owners want to use them for. For best performance, you should select artificial turf with longer grass blades of around 30 mm. Synthetic turf with longer blades will give a lush and attractive look than shorter blade grass. Turf with shorter blades will give a neat look that is perfect for kids and pets. Aside from that, garden owners should consider the colour of the turf when choosing artificial grass in the UK. Of course, natural green is the best, but whether you select light or dark green depends on your garden and you. Garden owners can also order a grass sample to confirm the colour. 

Artificial Grass in the UK

Consider the Quality of the Grass

It is important to consider the texture of the turf when choosing artificial grass in the UK. How thick is the turf? Does the turf have a good surface texture? What material is the grass made of? Most manufacturers will use c4 materials instead of c6 to make their grass. C4 grass is lightweight and sensitive to light, and cheap. But c4 grass will not last as long as c6 grass, which has better resistance to the sun’s UV rays. 


How do I choose artificial grass in the UK? To choose the right artificial turf in the UK, you consider your budget, the quality of the grass and the type of turf used. 

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