Fake grass is attractive, provided that it is properly maintained. When you install fake grass on your property, it will add beauty to it. Aside from that, artificial grass makes it possible for you to have outdoor activities in your backyard. Homeowners and their families can relax on their artificial carpet grass while sitting on a chair or the grass. But your fake grass can become unusable if you let dirt accumulate on its surface. That is why every homeowner must clean the surface of their synthetic grass. This post answer the question, how do I clean fake grass? 

Common Dirt on Fake Grass Surface

After installing your fake grass, you should expect that it will get dirty. But the good news about fake grass is that garden owners can clean it easily, unlike real grass that is difficult to maintain. Common dirt on fake grass surfaces are leaves, twigs, tree branches, household materials, pet droppings and stains. If you plant trees where you install your fake grass, you should expect to find leaves on the turf’s surface because trees shed leaves regularly. Aside from leaves, garden owners should be prepared to remove twigs and tree branches from their fake grass surfaces. 

Other forms of dirt you have to deal with after you install your fake grass are household items. You can drop nylons, paper bags and other materials on your fake grass when you use it. Pets droppings are other kinds of dirt that garden owners must remove. Homeowners that place a barbecue grill on the surface of their fake grass should expect grease to drop on the grass. This implies that homeowners must clean grease from their fake grass surface. These are common dirt homeowners will find on the surface of their artificial grass. 

How to Clean Dirt from Your Fake Grass Surface 

Remove Dust, Dirt, Leaves, and Tree Branches

If you discover dirt, leaves, tree branches and dust on your fake grass, you should remove them quickly. Homeowners can use a flexible garden rake or a broom to sweep their artificial surface to make it clean. You can sweep dust from your synthetic turf surface with your broom. Ensure that you sweep your fake turf thoroughly and don’t let dust accumulate in the holes that drain your grass. Leaves and tree branches are easy to remove. You can pick tree branches and sweep leaves with a rake till your grass is clean. If you discover mud on the surface of your artificial grass, you can use a hose to spray the surface to remove mud. 

Clean Pet Droppings from Your Fake Grass

How Do I Clean Fake Grass?

Pet dropping can make the surface of your artificial grass less attractive. And if garden owners don’t remove pet droppings, it can cause a bad odour when you use the grass for your activities. Clean pet poop from your fake grass surface as soon as you find them. And if the poop stick to your fake grass blade, you should prepare to do extra cleaning. You can use a broom and packer to remove pet poop. Also, garden owners can spray the spots around sticky poop to ensure that they have cleaned it completely. Pet urine can also make your fake grass unusable. To clean pet urine from the top of your artificial grass, you have to spray the spot with a garden hose. 

Removing Odour from Your Fake Grass 

If you don’t clean your fake grass surface regularly, it can become dirt that you won’t use. This is true that you let your pets urinate on the grass without cleaning it. Pet urine can cause a bad odour on your fake grass surface. To remove the odour resulting from urine, you need a hose, soapy water, and a brush. Spray the spot with your garden hose to remove any trace of urine. After, you can scrub your fake grass softly to remove urine. Then, rinse your artificial grass surface with your garden hose to make it clean. 

Clean Mould and Mildew from Your Fake Grass 

Mould and mildew will not grow on your fake grass surface, but only if you fail to maintain it. If decaying organic food decay on your artificial grass, it can cause mould growth—clean mould and mildew by brushing the spot. 


How do I clean fake grass? To clean your fake grass surface, you should use a broom to sweep leaves and dirt. Also, you should remove pet droppings and wash the grass to remove odour. 

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