If you have an existing decking and don’t like it, you can convert it to composite decking. There are lots of reasons you should convert your decking to composite decking. We will go through composite decking attributes to know why it is better than most decking types.

Why Homeowners Are Converting Their Decking to Composite Decking

Homeowners are changing their old decking for composite decking for lots of reasons. One of them is that plastic wood decking is durable. Also, composite decking is stronger than wood. Aside from strength and durability, composite decking is easy to maintain and is aesthetically pleasing.


One reason to convert or change your existing old decking to composite decking is that it is durable. What durability means for composite decking is that it will resist weather and insects better than wood. So, if you have an old wood decking, replacing or converting it to composite is worth the effort. 

If termite should try to attack your decking, it will fail because composite decking is a synthetic material that is not food for insects. Weather elements are not a problem for composite decking. If you install composite decking outdoors and it rained, your decking will not absorb the rainwater. 

This means that composite decking will not swell or shrink when because of moisture. Also, composite decking will not warp or break when temperature changes suddenly.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Composite decking is aesthetically pleasing. This is another reason you should convert your old decking to composite. What aesthetic value means for composite decking is that it will add beauty to your garden. When you install composite decking in your back garden, you will create a contemporary garden with it.

 Aside from that, composite decking boards come in different colours. And the colours look natural. This is one way in which composite decking differs from plastic decking. Wood decking has the old timber look only. If a homeowner wants a different colour, the homeowner has to paint or stain it. But with composite decking large varieties of colours, there is no need to paint or stain the boards.

 Plastic or PVC decking is aesthetically pleasing like composite decking. But there is a difference between plastic decking and composite. While plastic decking comes in a large variety of colours, none of its colours looks like wood decking.

 Composite decking has the wood grain surface texture that makes it look like timber. This surface texture is crucial because homeowners love timber, but because timber will not last long, they prefer a material that will replace it and still look like it.

Ease of Maintenance

Another reason you should convert your old decking to composite decking is because of the ease of maintenance. You will not sand composite decking with sandpaper or paint or stain it to make it look good. When maintaining your plastic wood decking, you should clean it with a cloth you soak in water. 

You can utilise a hose or a power washer if you have one. If there is an oil or a grease stain on your plastic wood decking, you can wipe it away effortlessly. Just use a brush to scrub the spot on your plastic wood decking surface after you should rinse the top of your composite decking until it is clean. 

How to Convert Your Old Decking to Composite

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Step One – Remove the Old Decking

The thing to do when replacing your old decking is to remove the old one before fixing the new one. Also, when you remove the old decking boards, you will examine the joist to confirm if it is good. 

Step Two – Replace Rotten Joists

Your joists can become rotten for many reasons. One of them is if it absorbs moisture. That is why you must use treated wood or composite joists of your frame or substructure. If you discover that the joists need changing, you should replace it immediately. 

Step Three – Fix the New Composite Boards

When you are certain that your substructure now fits to hold the new composite decking boards, you can start fixing them. You should use starter clips to fix or install the first set of boards close to the edges and use intermediate clips for the other boards. Ensure that you space the boards 5 mm apart because of expansion. After installing all the composite decking boards, you can cover the edges.


How do I convert my decking to composite decking? You can convert your decking to composite decking by removing the old ones and replacing them with the new composite boards.

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