Homeowners that have seen composite decking will agree that it is aesthetically pleasing. In fact, wood-plastic composite is the best material homeowners can use to create a modern decking design. But the beauty of composite decking will diminish if homeowners don’t handle the decking with care. One thing that can make composite decking less attractive is a scratch on the surface. Several lines of scratch can distort the appearance of plastic wood decking and make cleaning it difficult. If you are garden owners that want a clean decking surface, you should try to get scratches off your composite decking. 

Is Composite Decking Scratch Proof?

Composite decking is scratch-resistant, but not scratch-proof. Scratch-resistant means that plastic wood decking will not scratch easily like wood decking. This is because the surface pigment of the patio will last longer than timber. That makes it possible for many people to walk on composite wood decking without scratching the surface. Wood decking must be coated with latex paint, which will scratch or fade easily. 

Plastic wood decking is scratch-proof in that lots of foot traffic will not make the surface less attractive. But composite decking is not scratch-proof. If homeowners drag a heavy object like a sofa on the decking, it will scratch the surface. Kids playing with a sharp object on composite decking can easily scratch the top. So, to prevent your decking from looking unattractive, you have to remember that it is not scratch-proof, although it can withstand lots of foot traffic. 

How Do I Get Scratches Off Composite Decking?

How Does Composite Decking Get Scratch?

There are several ways composite wood decking can get scratch. One of them is if homeowners’ kids use sharp objects to scratch the top. Also, if homeowners drag a heavy table or grill on their decking, scratches can occur.


Composite decking is good for kids. The surface of composite decking is beautiful and attracts everyone, including kids. Your kids will have a good time playing on your composite decking if the decking is attached to your home. Since kids play outdoor, your plastic wood decking will be a hot spot for them to play. Young ones play with lots of objects. They can use chalk to write things on the top of your plastic wood decking. Or, they can use a sharp pen to write on the decking surface. Kids can carve shapes or draw straight lines on the surface of composite decking. When any of the preceding situations happen, your composite decking will get scratches. So, homeowners must get the scratches off the decking surface. 


Pets like dogs and cats are other culprits that can add scratches to plastic wood decking. Dogs and cats have pointed nails that can draw lines on your decking top. Since most pets like to scratch decking, letting your dog play on your patio might lead to blemishes. And pets can produce deep scratches with their nails which will be difficult for homeowners to remove. If you discover that your pets have scratched your plastic wood decking, you should take steps to remove it.

Table, Chairs and Barbecue Grill

Your composite decking is a centre of activity. Homeowners can sit on their wood-plastic decking and enjoy the view. Or, homeowners can have a barbecue party with their friends right on their plastic wood decking. To enjoy their decking, most homeowners must bring their chairs and table and put them on the decking. There is a ready-made barbecue grill that homeowners can place on their decking. Moving all these objects from one part of your patio to another without lifting them can scratch the surface.

Getting Scratches Off Composite Decking Top

If you discover scratches on your plastic wood decking surface, you have to get them off. There are several methods homeowners can use to mitigate the effect of scratches on their patio top. One way is to fill nicks and scratches on your decking with an epoxy-based filler. Ensure that you ask the maker of your plastic wood decking to know what kind of epoxy filler you can use for your decking. 

The other way to get scratch off your wood-plastic decking is to use the heat method, which will work by matching the scratched and non-scratched parts together. Note that these two methods of removing scratches will not completely take away the scratches. To completely remove scratches, homeowners must change the scratched boards for new ones. 


How do I get scratches off composite decking? To get marks off the top of your plastic wood decking, you can use a filler or heat method to cover the scratch. The best scratch removal solution is to change the composite decking boards.

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