How to install a composite fence is quite easy if you are used to doing things yourself, and you are skilled at handling tools. 

The best way to install a plastic-wood fence is by following the installation guide the maker of your fence set out.

When you do, you will enjoy the benefits of installing the fence. One of the benefits of building a plastic-wood fence is that it will add beauty to your yard. 

Another one is that you will get a fence that will last longer. There will be no need for you to change the fence. Also, another benefit is that it requires low maintenance.

 You don’t have to waste your time or spend lots of money to maintain the fence. So, when a composite fence is properly installed in your yard, you will use it for a long time.

Install composite fence

There are different types of composite fence panel being sold by different makers. Each comes with their own instructions on how to install them.

You can build a composite fence by hiring a professional to do it. Or, if you are skilled at getting things done, you can do it yourself. Hiring a professional is easy because most suppliers have installers working with them. 

Your fencing panel maker can get you one at a cheap rate. This write-up focuses on how to build your plastic-wood fence yourself.

Step One – Map Out the Spot

Mapping out the spot means measuring the length and breadth of your yard. For a better result, it is best you draw a rough sketch of the fence on paper first. 

Also, you have to know the topography of the place. The topography is important because it lets you know if there are slopes or high grounds in your yard and if your fence will be installed on them.

 When you have mapped the spot, you can clear it and make sure it is ready for the next step. This means that you should use pegs and ropes to measure a straight line. Also, corners should be noted.

Step Two – Dig Holes For Posts.

Before you commence digging the holes, you have to confirm that water pipes or any other underground structural facility are not below the fence. 

Also, if you require a permit to build the fence, you should get one without delay. When you are set, then you should dig 20″ holes in the spots that you have marked.

 The holes are where you will fix the posts. They must be deep so that your fence will have a solid foundation.

Step Three – Set Post In the Holes

After digging the holes, you should set the posts in the centre of the holes. You should determine the height of the fence at the stage.

 Note that the height of a fence varies according to your need. If you require a simple partition, you can build a small fence. But if it is complete privacy that you need, you can build a high fence.

 Your fence should be at least 75″ height from the ground. When you are sure that the posts are set and straight to other posts, then you should cover them with cement.

You should be certain that the posts are levelled and squared so that you will not have a fence that is not straight. Then, you should wait for 24 hours so that the mortal will dry. 

Step Four – Attach Bracket

You should measure 2″ from the ground and attach the lower bracket to all the posts. Attach the bracket to the aluminium rail.

Step Five – Fix the Bottom Rail

Make sure you slide bottom rails on both sides of the aluminium rail. Then when you are done, you should use screws to fix the rail to the bracket you attached to the post.

Step Six – Attach the Panels to the Posts

Attaching the composite fencing panels to the post is the next step. This is very easy to do by fixing the panel to the rail and the post. The panels should be attached so that they interlock.

 Then, you can repeat the process for all the posts. When you are done, your fence is ready. You should tidy the surroundings and remove any leftover material.


How to install a composite fence is easy, and it is not different from installing a wood fence. You should follow the steps explained in this write-up.

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