Building composite decking in your garden is one way to make it attractive and modern. Homeowners are using composite wood decking because of the many benefits that come from it. One benefit of wood-plastic composite is that it is easy to install. If you have the appropriate decking installation skills, you can build your plastic wood decking anywhere. There are two ways of building your plastic wood decking. One way is by constructing your composite decking directly on the soil. So, how do I install composite decking on the soil? 

Planning Your Composite Decking

Planning your composite decking is the first thing homeowners must do before purchasing the boards. It is after you have planned your wood-plastic decking that you will know how many decking boards you will need for your project. Also, you will know if your wood-plastic composite decking requires a license. For most ground-level decking or to build your composite decking on the soil, you don’t require permission. But elevated plastic wood decking might require permission. But you still have to check with your local authority to confirm if your plastic wood decking needs permission. Planning your wood-plastic decking will enable you to know how much the patio will cost. 

The amount you spend to construct your plastic wood decking depends on the kind of boards you purchase and whether you hire an installer. If you don’t possess carpentry skills and can’t install your wood-plastic decking, you should plan to hire a decking installer. To know the exact space your decking will occupy on the soil, you should measure the length and width of the area you desire to install the patio. After, you should multiply the width and length to know how your decking will span in meters. Then you should calculate the number of plastic wood decking boards you will use to install your decking. 

Equipment You Need to Install Composite Decking

To successfully install your composite decking on the soil, you need several types of equipment. Some of these pieces of equipment are easy to get, while others require skill to use. 

  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Spirit Level
  • A Saw
  • Hand drill
  • Tamper 
  • Strings

Decking related materials: 

  • Composite decking boards
  • Wood or composite frame
  • Concrete slab.

Laying Your Composite Decking on the Soil

After planning your composite decking and getting all the tools and decking related materials, you should start laying the decking on the soil. But not so fast because you have to prepare the soil you will install the decking. You should clear a part of your garden’s soil if you plan to build the decking in one corner. 

Choose the Position

The position of your composite decking in your garden matters. Most homeowners prefer an easy walk-through from their home floor to their decking. You can build your wood-plastic decking close to your home. Since you are constructing the decking on the soil, the elevation of the decking will not be higher than your home floor plan. Ensure that the soil you will lay your composite decking on should be flat so that you will get a straight decking. This is where you will use the tamper. Use the tamper to flatten the soil’s surface and clear away grasses before you lay your composite decking. Homeowners that have trees in their garden don’t have to remove them. You can simply work your composite wood decking around trees.

Prepare Your Composite Decking Frame

Install compisite decking on soil

The frame of your wood-plastic decking is what you will lay the boards on. You can build the framework of your decking with wooded or composite boards. Most decking suppliers will recommend using composite boards as the frame of your decking. This is because composite boards will survive longer than timber planks. But you need to prepare the ground you will build your wood-plastic decking frame. You can lay the decking framework directly on the soil, but it is not a good practice. Or, you can lay your wood-plastic decking on concrete slabs. Concrete slabs will prevent your decking from absorbing moisture directly from the soil. After, you can start building your composite decking frame on top of the concrete slab. You should lay the composite boards after building the frame and complete the decking installation.


How do I install composite decking on the soil? To build your plastic wood decking on the soil, you have to clear the garden and ensure that you set the footing of the decking properly. After, you should build the decking frame and lay the boards on top of the frame. 

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