Installing artificial grass is the dream of every homeowner that understands the value of a beautiful lawn. But the cost of purchasing and installing fake grass can be overwhelming for garden owners on a budget. There are ways you can save cash when installing your synthetic turf. You can opt for cheap or low-grade artificial grass. Aside from that, you can lay or install your fake grass yourself. This other option is excellent for garden owners that have experience working outdoors and using tools. So, how do I lay artificial grass in my garden? This write-up explains it all. 

Tools You Will Need to Lay Artificial Grass

You will have to invest in getting all the needed tools to lay your fake turf in your garden. While some tools are easy to use, others require experience before you can use them. 

  • Hammer and Flathead Nails: You will use these tools when fixing the edges or boundary of your fake grass. Use the nails to pin the grass to the ground and the hammer to push the nails into the ground. 
  • Rake, Shovel and Tape Measure: You will need a rake to clean the place you want to install the grass. A shovel will be handy if you want to remove dirt or turf from the ground before installing the grass. After preparing the place, you will need a tape measure to measure the area. 
  • Utility Knife: You have to use a utility knife to cut spare grass off the lawn. Note that garden owners that can use a knife should use scissors to cut the turf. Aside from a knife and scissors, you can use a sharp blade. 
  • Artificial Grass Tape: This tape is not a measuring tape. You will use it to join two edges of artificial grass anywhere they meet. 
  • Sharp Sand: You will need sharp sand to spray on your fake grass after installing it. 
  • Compactor: This tool requires strength to use. You will use the compactor to tamper the ground after you have added gravel to it. 
  • Gravel: This is not a tool, but one of the materials you need to lay your grass successfully. You will use the gravel to prepare the base of the grass. 
How Do I Lay an Artificial Grass in My Garden?

Step One – Remove the Top Turf

You have to ensure that you prepare the ground before you lay the grass. Most garden owners make the mistake of installing their fake grass directly on the soil. Remove anything that can obstruct your grass. If there are real grass, stones, and other specks of dirt in the place, this is the time to remove them. After, you should ensure that the area is smooth and properly landscaped. The tools you will need for this task are a shovel and rake. Use the shovel to excavate the area a little to remove the topsoil. After, use the rake to clean the dirt from the area after excavating. 

Step Two – Compact the Base

After excavating the base and removing dirt and stones, you must compact the place with your compactor. But first, you have to prepare the base by adding finely crushed gravel. Spread the gravel evenly in the area you want to install your grass to ensure balanced everywhere. Then, use the compactor to press down the gravel until you have got a solid base. Most homeowners will rent a compactor to tamper the area, but that will cost extra cash. If you decide not to rent a compactor, you can use a flat wooden plate to press down the place. Using a wooden plate is stressful, but achievable. 

Step Three – Lay the Turf

Now that the base of your grass is ready, you can start unrolling the fake grass. You can grab a hand or friend to help you with the task if your garden is large. Put your fake grass at one edge of your garden and gently unroll it until you have covered the garden. When laying the synthetic turf, always lay the separated turf pieces in the same direction to have a uniform surface. If there is excess fake grass, you can use a knife or scissors to cut it. Then use the artificial grass tape to conceal the edges of two grass layers. 


How do I lay artificial grass in my garden? Laying fake grass is easy if you know how to. Read this write-up and follow the three steps after getting all the tools required. 

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