How to maintain your composite cladding is easy. All you need are simple tools like broom and brush. Also, you might need a power washer so that you can rinse the cladding after washing. Why is it easy to maintain composite cladding? Composite cladding is easy to maintain because it is made of durable material that lasts longer than wood. 

At this stage, let’s compare composite cladding with timber. Wood cladding is a covering material that is made of timber. It implies that the wood cladding is 100% wood. Wood is a durable structural material, but the problem with wood material is that it loses its durability over time. What this indicates is that you cannot use your timber cladding for a long time. 

Another thing about wood materials like cladding or decking is that they have to be treated with chemicals to make them strong. Although wood cladding can be made with naturally strong wood, it is often made with softwood. This softwood, like pine and Spruce, must be treated with chemicals so that they will be resistant to insect attack and the element of weather. 

Even when they are treated, they will lose their durability after using them for some time. That is why most homeowners have to maintain their wood cladding regularly. Composite cladding, on the other hand, is made of synthetic materials. The materials are wood-fibre and plastic. After processing the materials in a factory, the composite cladding board is cut into shape. 

Unlike wood that the makers treat with chemicals, composite cladding makers don’t create it with chemicals. The composite boards are a naturally strong board. So, it doesn’t need all the laborious maintenance of wood cladding. But, this does not imply that you will not maintain your composite cladding.

How to Maintain Plastic Wood Cladding

Plastic wood cladding is not maintenance-free. You have to maintain your composite cladding to make it look good. Although you don’t have to oil, sand, stain and paint your composite cladding like a wood cladding, you still have to clean it.

Composite Cladding Damage Prevention

There are things you must not do if you want your cladding to last longer. What this implies is that preventing your composite cladding from getting damage is crucial to increasing its longevity.

Never Write On Your Composite Cladding

Writing on your composite cladding is one thing that distorts the colour. It can happen when cladding owners inscribe stuff on their cladding with coloured chalk. When they realise that the chalk has distorted the surface of their cladding, they will want to remove it. But the fact is that it is challenging to remove chalk stains. So, it is better not to write on your cladding than to write and waste your time and cash, removing the chalk.

Never Scratch Your Composite Cladding

Scratching a composite cladding is nearly the same as using chalk to write on it. But instead of using chalk, most homeowners will carelessly let their kids use sharp objects to scratch the surface of the cladding. It will distort the texture to the extent that removing the scratch will be difficult.

 Cleaning Your Composite Cladding

Tidying up your composite cladding is the same as maintaining it. Tidying your composite cladding is crucial if there is mud stain on it. Also, if mould or mildew grow on your cladding, then you must remove it.

Removing Mud or Dirt

Removing mud or dirt from the surface of your composite cladding is easy. Note that mud can come in contact with a cladding when it is splattered on it. Also, when dust accumulates on your cladding, it will eventually form dirt. So, what to do in this case is to spray your cladding with a hose. Power washing your composite cladding will fasten the job, but you must be careful.

How Do I Maintain My Composite Cladding

 You must not bring the hose close to the surface of your cladding. If the dirt stain is difficult to remove, you can scrub it with a brush and then rinse it with water.

Removing Oil and Grease Stain

Removing oil or grease stains is easy. Just scrub the spot with soapy water and a soft brush. It would help if you wash carefully and must use a soft brush so that you will not scratch the surface of your cladding. After cleaning the body, you should rinse it with water.

Mould and Mildew

Although composite materials like composite cladding are resistant to mould growth, mould can still grow on it. It will happen if there is a scratch on it and the spot absorbs water till it becomes a breeding ground for mould. Scrubbing with a soft brush is the only way to remove mould stain. After cleaning, rinse the cladding thoroughly.


How do I maintain my composite cladding? Make sure you don’t use chalk to write on it. Also, make sure you don’t scratch your composite cladding. If there is a stain on your cladding, scrub with a soft brush and soapy water and rinse it thoroughly.

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