If you have an old wood decking installed in your home, you can replace it with composite decking. The best way to replace your wood decking with composite decking is by removing it first. We don’t recommend that you install the new composite decking boards on the old wood decking. The process of replacing or changing your wood or timber decking with composite starts with inspecting the joists. Before that, let’s consider some of the attributes of composite decking.

Why Composite Decking Is Better than Wood Decking

Composite decking is by far better than timber decking for many reasons. 

Material Composition

Unlike wood that is made of only timber, composite decking contains wood fibre and plastic. This implies that composite decking is a synthetic material, and it is stronger than timber. 

Resistant to Weather and Insect

Another reason why composite decking is better than timber is that it will resist weather and insect attack. Wood performs poorly in this aspect; that is why wood-eating bugs will destroy it. Also, the weather will make wood decking less durable. 

Composite decking will resist insect attack because it is not food for insects. Also, water in the air will not get into your composite decking because of its plastic-coated surface. This signifies that composite decking will not swell and rot. Also, composite decking will not break or crack when the temperature changes.

Easy to Maintain

wpc decking is easy to maintain

Composite decking is not like wood because it needs simple maintenance. Though you have to take care of your composite decking for it to last long, the way you maintain it is different from how you maintain timber. 

You have to give your composite decking a simple cleaning with a fabric that you soaked in water. Or, you can make use of a broom to remove dust from the top of your composite decking. You don’t have to paint composite decking because it comes in different timeless colours.

Aesthetic Value

Composite decking has aesthetic value than wood decking. When you install composite decking in your backyard, it will further increase the look. With composite decking, you can create a contemporary garden in your home. 

Composite decking is by far the best material that you can use for any outdoor decking project. Also, the surface colour of composite decking will not fade when you install it outdoors. This signifies that your composite decking will stay beautiful for a long time.

Replacing Wood Decking with Composite Decking

The process of changing your wood decking with composite decking starts with removing the old timber boards. 

Step One – Remove the Old Wood Decking Boards

This is something you must do when you want to change your wood decking. Best practise requires that you don’t install your new composite decking boards on the old wood boards. So, you should get a tool that can remove the nails that you used to install your wood decking. 

Step Two – Inspect the Joists or Frame

best way to replace timber with wpc decking

The reason for removing the old wood decking is for you to be able to inspect the joists. You must determine if the joists are strong enough to hold the new composite decking boards. Also, you should check the frame or joists for signs of rot or break. If you have rotten joists, then you have to change the joists immediately before you put the new composite decking boards.

Step Three – Arrange the Composite Boards

replacing timber with wpc decking

After you have inspected the joists and confirm that it is strong, you can start laying your composite boards on it. You can start from one end of your decking and take it to the other. If you are installing grooved boards, you should use starter clips for the first sets of boards. 

And then use intermediate clips for the other boards. For your composite boards to expand and contract, you have to leave a minimum of 5 mm gap between them. Failure to leave that space will make your decking to sag.

Step Four – Cover the Edges

After installing all your composite decking boards, you can cover the edges with fascia. Or you can build the frame of your decking in the picture frame pattern. When you have finished installing your new composite boards, you can clean the surrounding and remove any leftover material.


If you want to replace your wood decking with composite decking, you must remove the old wood first. After, you should inspect the joists before you start installing the new composite boards.

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