Whether you dwell in the coastline or you dwell on the plain, protecting your decking from the heat of the sun is a must. The kind of decking you install in your patio also matters if you don’t want a decking that will become too hot. Wood or timber decking is one such decking that will become hot when you expose the surface to the sun’s UV rays. The alternative to timber decking is composite decking. Although this decking material doesn’t get as hot as wood, its surface can still become hot. If you build your patio with composite wood, how do you cool down composite decking?

Cooling Down Composite Decking

Indeed, composite decking doesn’t become hot like timber and plastic when it is exposed to the scorching heat of the sun, but you still have to take steps to cool it down. Some decking owners will recommend timber as the best no heating decking material. But that was before heat resistant composite decking was developed. 

Buy Heat Resistant Composite Decking Solution

One way to prevent your outdoor patio from getting hot is to buy heat resistant composite decking. This kind of wood plastic composite is designed specifically to reduce the sun’s heat entering the surface of your decking. You can try composite boards with CoolDeck Technology. 

Most composite decking sold by Compositewarehouse has a surface that reduces heat absorption. This kind of wood plastic composite will also resist fading from the sun when you use it to build your patio. When you install wood plastic composite with CoolDeck Technology, you will enjoy your patio even when the sun is hot. 

Choose light-coloured Composite Decking

Another way to cool down the surface of your composite decking is to install light-coloured boards. This kind of plastic wood decking doesn’t have a heat-absorbing surface. When this implies is that when you install your wood plastic composite outdoors, it will not take much sun heat.

Examples of the light-coloured composite are grey, brown, and pink. When you build your patio with light instead of dark-coloured decking, it will reduce heat absorption, and you will be able to carry out your activities even when the sun is high.  

Use an Umbrella on Your Decking

Another way you can cool down composite decking if you dwell in a hot coastal area is to use an umbrella. When the sun is high, and you want to relax on your patio, you can use an umbrella that will shade the surface of your decking from the sun ray. If you have a large umbrella, you can use it on your patio so that you will be able to relax under the large shield of the umbrella. 

Build a Pergola on Your Patio

Cooling down composite decking

Another way to cool down your composite wood decking is to build a pergola on the patio. A pergola is an outdoor shade or wooden frame that you can build on your decking. When the sun is high, and you want to relax on the surface of your decking, you can easily put a cloth on the top of your pergola. 

A pergola is an outdoor structure that doesn’t have sides like a gazebo. It has four frames that support its four corners. The roof of the pergola is attached to the frame to keep it standing. Some homeowners usually attach their pergola to their composite decking. This is true if you have already installed your decking before thinking of building your pergola. 

If this is what you desire as a homeowner, you should ensure that you fix the frame of the pergola to the joists or the substructure of your decking. If you fix the pergola to the boards, the boards will tear away when the heavy wind blows. Or your pergola might collapse.

 You have to remove the composite boards where you want to fix the frame of the pergola. Then you should attach the frames to the joists with screws and ensure that they are strong. After that, you can put the boards back to where they are. When you have installed the four frames of your pergola, you can attach the roof. When the sun is hot and you want to enjoy your decking, you can cover the roof with a cloth.


The best way to cool down composite decking is to buy light-coloured boards. Also, you can build a pergola or use an umbrella on your patio.

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